Monday, January 13, 2014

Jane Austen on a rainy afteroon

My favorite kind of day.

It's Emma this time.

While I work on my felt ornaments.  Which are not exactly a piece of cake.  I've never been good with glue.  And neatness.

I started the tree first because it looked the easiest.  Wrong!  I was merrily sewing along and following the directions - until I got to the part where you put wrong sides together and stitch up.  I was sewing them with the right sides facing me, so when it
came time to turn one over, I had just a little discrepancy.  Nothing big but enough to make me have to trim.
I get to sew on the sequins next though, so that should be fun.

Emma is my movie choice of the day.  I can't believe my obsession with movies.  I've never cared much for them and TV not at all.  But since I've found the Amazon Prime free movies, I've watched at least one a day.  And every one of them good.  I guess it's a kind of escape for a couple of hours every day.  The one last night was filmed in Italy and the one the day before in China, one in Chicago, one on a farm.  The good thing about it is that if you find yourself not liking the movie, it's a simple matter to "escape" and find another.  I had one with subtitles up first this morning and then realized I couldn't do my project and watch the screen at the same time, so I had to put that one away for later.

Most of the morning, it seems, was spent in the vet's office.  Murray had to go for a checkup after his week of medications.  He did not go there with a sense of adventure like he did the first time.  Nope.  I had to lure him out from under the bed to even get him in his carrier.  The ride over was completely silent, and when we got there, he tried to become invisible.  I don't blame him.  The smells and the yapping from the dogs must have been overwhelming.

Murray.  The face of misery.

It has a good ending though.  His eye infection and worms are completely gone.  His ear infection is gone, but he still has ear mites, so he has to get ear drops once a week for 5 weeks.  And he has 3 more doses of the vile orange liquid.  He's already feeling great, back to hiding and pouncing, chasing, running full speed through the house.

Such a sweetie.

Graysen has her own email address now, and I can write her letters every day that she can read when she learns how.  I love that.

She can now climb stairs - with spotters.  I love how she saw her opportunity with the gate open and did some speed crawling to get to the stairs.

We remember one of her mom's first sentences being "I do it MYSELF," and this looks very familiar.

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