Saturday, January 11, 2014

Do-Nothing Saturday

Nothing to say for today except that I did nothing all day that I didn't want to do.  I was up late watching the movie last night, so I did take a break and vacuum a few rooms and turn the dishwasher on.  Then this morning I vacuumed the kitchen. 

During the movie, we had some nice thunder and lightning, so all the pets needed to come in and be reassured - well mainly Darby - but the cats came in just to have something different to do. 

I can't even remember what I did this morning:  Slept late.  Ate breakfast.  Looked briefly at the ornaments laying on the table and decided I didn't want to get involved.  Watched a little of the Seahawks game with the sound off.  Watched a few taped PBS programs - 2 new gardening ones and a Fons and Porter quilting one.  Got a few ideas about starting seeds pretty soon.  Looked briefly at the wallpaper in the foyer and decided I didn't want to get involved with that either.  Ate lunch.  Watched another movie.  This one was "The Painted Veil," and SO good.  Beautiful photography, beautiful music, good actors. Based on a novel by Somerset Maugham.  I had never heard of it. 

Talked with Emily and Elise.  Elise seems to have been bitten by something - maybe a scorpion?  It looks awful.  Emily and I started talking about that first birthday party that's coming up much too soon - in 1 month.  Someone asked her what the theme was going to be, and she said, "Birthday Party."  She only wants a pink and gray birthday bib or shirt and hat.  I think I can handle that!

I got this package from one of my Facebook purchases.  I had seen the alligator outfit last year and like it a lot - but not at that price.  So I waited around until some other little girl wore it maybe once and got it for a third of the price plus an extra top. 

I'm still expecting one more sun suit and a little raincoat, and it will be time to mail them.  I love that I got them all 6  for around $100, and new I would have had to pay over $250.  All are in perfect shape except for one missing button..

Murray has wasted his Saturday about the same as me.

All the rain should be gone tomorrow, and we'll see the sun again.  Maybe we'll walk around in the yard and plan a garden.  Maybe.

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