Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cozy Day

I'm so thrilled not to have had to leave this house since Sunday.  So nice!  It's rained for 2 days, and now the temperature is dropping.  I'll take any stay-inside time these next 2 months.

Last night I logged on to work and got a message there were no dictations available.  Just terrible! Yeah, right.  I guess I'll have to make up those 4 hours today and tomorrow, but I was in the mood to scan photographs and did just that.  I love scanning and cropping and working with the color a little sometimes, but it gets tedious going back and forth from the printer to the computer for every one I do.  It was worth it though, and Mama got 20 or so pictures of Daddy and my grandmothers to add to her picture display.

I got a message just now from Amanda that Bible Study doesn't meet tomorrow, and that was also good news.  I was looking forward to seeing the little kiddos, but I won't turn down a free morning for - more scanning.  20 down - 5000 to go!
I've been trying to organize my files on the computer for about a month now - all my embroidery designs and projects I want to do, Pinterest boards, and, of course, photographs.

I saw that a friend on FB had shared this link:  (Thanks a LOT, Kari!)  52 Meticulous Organizing Tips for the OCD Person in You.  I didn't expect to see anything I didn't already know, but I was surprised.  About half of them I want to do - NOW.  Taking a week-and-a-half to make cardboard lipstick and blush holders is not one of them!  If I had 176 tubes of lipstick, I might be desperate enough to do it, but I'm fine with the storage for the 10 or so lipsticks and 3 blushes I have (of which I actually use on half).  I also am 99% sure I won't fold plastic bags into tiny triangles and put them in a plastic storage container.  Mike is not going to want to know about these ideas - except that it might allow him to visit Home Depot a few more times.

As of about an hour ago, we have a new member of the family.  His name is already Murray, but I'm thinking about changing it.  I don't have any good ideas though.

He rode all the way from W. Texas without saying a word, and neither did the driver.  Perfect traveling companions.  He showed up at Elise's house, and she couldn't turn him away, but she already has 3 cats, so we said we would try and see if he likes it here.

I'm keeping him in the bathroom for now until he gets used to things and we figure out how to introduce him to Stella and Darby.  Actually Darby has already spotted him through the blinds in the French doors and is anxious to "meet" him, but we'll wait a few days.

The catnip won him over right away.

I had him some Fancy Feast soft cat food for his homecoming, but he sniffed it a few times and tried to bury it.

I think he is enjoying exploring and getting used to his new home.

This is the one who may not welcome him with open paws.  

That's the dog's bed she's under.  Darby knows that she can stay inside only if she stays on her bed, and it's kind of hard to do when a cat with sharp claws is under it and ready to challenge her.

These came today, and I love every one of them. They're a little wrinkled from the packages but so cute.  I know I smock and sew, but I've never tried picture smocking, and I'm not sure I could make them cheaper than the prices I paid.  It's a FB group called Smocks Rock, and people can buy and sell smocked items (and nice unsmocked clothing - shoes too). 
I think Graysen's all fixed up for next fall and winter.  Those 2T dresses look pretty big, but she's already wearing a 12 month, so I feel like they'll be fine.  I'll still make her some more clothes, but I'm slow, and she's growing too fast for me to keep up.  It will be nice to have these hanging in the closet waiting.


  1. I love your new kitty. Murray is a good name. His coloring is so beautiful--love the stripes. I hope he gets along well with the others. He must be a great kitty to ride in the car for so long with no problems. He's a lucky kitty.

  2. So far so good with the getting along. He's sweet.