Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cold Weather Coming

Or that's the promise anyway.  It feels quite nice outside now, but the prediction is 12 degrees in the morning.  We have to have the cat at the vet's office by 7:30 and then go get flu shots and stuff, so that should be interesting.  As long as there is no ice, it will be fine.

It was a nice quiet afternoon after having the nursery at church this morning.  Leftovers I heard about from Christmas included a black eye for Sarah (bed jumping with cousin accident, I think) and a small goose egg for Bronner from falling off a table, and then just 30 minutes before I got there, Bronner got his second one, falling out of a chair.  Doctor's visit showed no fracture but an ear infection.  Stress for parents and not fun for the little ones, but all part of it, I guess.  

Stella and Murray almost played together this afternoon.

 But when it's over, it's over.

I think a paper bag or a box will capture their interest in the next day or so.

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