Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Dress

Sometime in October Emily and I started talking about what Graysen would wear to a dress-up Christmas Eve party given by friends that she and Ryan have gone to for a couple of years.  She already had a red coat, so from all the discussion, it was decided that I would make a simple ivory bishop smocked in the same color with a few little pearls added to dress it up.

I got all the supplies together.

And procrastinated.

I did get started at some point and did the sleeves first. They turned out like they were supposed to.

The actual pattern was not that hard, but I had allowed myself to get rushed and didn't do as good a job as I could have.

All of it was perfectly fine until I got to the bias binding on the neck.  For some reason, I just have a hangup on those neck bands, and I was so disappointed in how it wrinkled that I didn't even post a picture when I finished.  The 12-month size was so big that I had to overlap the button loops, but I thought they turned out nicely - another learning experience.

I was so late that we ended up overnighting it, and it got there just in time for the party, wrinkled neck band and all.  I was running around before mailing it getting a slip and hemming that and finding an ivory headband to try.  I did find these shoes that Emily and I both agreed were perfect for the night - even though she didn't keep them on long.  

These next pictures are so precious to me - the dressing part.  Unfortunately, Emily had to work Christmas Eve, and I'm sure it was a rush getting them all dressed.  To top it all off, Graysen had a cold and terrible runny nose, but she was a trooper and let Emily get her all dressed up.

There are a LOT of pictures.  Her dad is a good photographer.  It takes so long to download them and edit on this blog that it was easier to just include them at random, and there may be some duplicates. 

Taken at the party with Griffie after the shoes were abandoned.  It didn't take much longer to end up just wearing the slip.  Comfort is the main thing, after all, when you're 10 months old.

We have hundreds of Christmas pictures and videos.  I'll work on making an album, but I love the latest adventure with this little riding toy.  

We have gotten so many laughs from seeing her sitting on it the first day looking so puzzled

To having her parents race around the house pushing her (and grandparents holding their breath)

To pushing her friends around and being pushed by them (videos once I learn how to get them off my phone)

To finally mastering it by herself this week.

Now that forbidden plant can be reached in a matter of seconds.

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