Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Birthday Sewing Finished

And in the mail.

After all our discussions and decisions, I tried those hats, and they turned out very nice, I believe.  I'm just messy with glue, so they don't bear looking too closely, but I think they'll do for the few seconds the babies will allow them to be worn.

I left the top ribbons - little explosions - long so the moms can trim them to taste.  I tried to put a plain ribbon around the bottom of Owen's, but it was impossible to make it neat, so I pleated it.  Maybe it won't be too girly.

This is Graysen's set.  I would have made the twins some bibs, but I only had 2 and messed up one of them, so I had to give up that idea.

The shirt Emily wanted to be fairly plain, and it is.  She might add a bow to the top of the one if she wants to.

I wanted to make the bib white, but I had the bright idea of ironing down the patch before I did the satin stitch to keep it from bubbling, forgetting that it would be stuck pretty well and impossible to trim.  One of those things you wish you could immediately take back.  I trimmed as well as I could, and rather than throw it away (it IS a bib, after all), I did a G in the middle of the patch and think it turned out really well.  Kind of a raggy look!

I like both of them.

It will be fun to see the pictures of the party Friday night.  I was sad all week because I thought the Wallaces were moving and taking Graysen's best friends, but they've changed their minds and are staying.  So we can look forward to a lot of adventures from these 3.

I have The Weather Channel on and am hearing a lot of snow talk.  It won't affect us, but it sure does make me glad I'm snug inside today.  In fact, we're having a beautiful sunny day.

Wallpaper stripping is on the final phase, and now I'll have to start picking out colors.  For such a small room, it sure did make a mess.

Emily sent me a group of pictures yesterday that just melted my heart.  We couldn't stop smiling while we looked at them.  A couple are on FB, but here is the whole set.

And more stair adventures.  I'm glad she is hesitant about heading down those stairs!

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