Friday, January 3, 2014

Another Inside Day

I was lucky enough to not have to go anywhere today, but I'll make up for it Monday.  Mike was home to take Mama to the beauty shop, buy her Friday paper, and get her double fish sandwich from McDonald's.  I put her off her Wal-Mart trip until Monday since I have to be out already, not that putting it off will make it any more fun.

New cat has to go in for his neutering and shots at 7:30 Monday morning, so I'll get to arise early.  He has fit in pretty well today.  I opened doors and let Stella and Darby notice him and him notice them.  They're not all best friends yet, but they can sleep and sit in the same room without growling or barking or lunging.  Really better than I expected.  I'm still not sold on the name Murray, but I might keep it if nothing better comes to mind.  He doesn't care.  It's not like either cat pays the least bit of attention to his or her name.

Looking pretty relaxed considering the other two were in the same room.

I had to make up my Wednesday's work today.  Nothing of note happened today except for it being really cold.  I hear that some north and central GA folks are looking for snow - or already had some.

I've found another old friend (or young since she's younger than me), and it's so much fun "talking" by email and seeing what we remember all those years ago when we were young with no children and not many obligations.  It will be interesting to piece together certain adventures with the things each of us remembers.

I guess I'll go catch the end of the bowl games, although I don't really care who wins them.

I have to make a list of what projects I want to do in January and get my act together.  Right now, things are all jumbled up in my brain, and I end up not even going in my sewing room.

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