Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sewing Room Progress

I've been lucky enough to have had 2 whole days at home without having to go anywhere.  Mike has pretty much been the same.  He's painting the woodwork on the house, and I'm doing a lot of standing in the sewing room with a stack of something in my hands and wondering what to do with it.  I did actually sew some today. 

So that room!  It's a former back porch, so 3 walls are brick, and it has very little insulation.  The heating and cooling ducts were added on so have to struggle to keep the room comfortable.  It also happens to have been the dumping place for spare furniture that I couldn't bear to part with and thus the haphazard look.  Plus it's where Stella/Molly and Darby sleep at night and stay in rainy weather or just when it gets too hot or cold for them to stay outside.

It was up until yesterday the repository for one of Mama's 2 green recliners.  She brought one when she moved but then bought a new Lazy Boy.  She uses one for several months and then decides it's the sole cause of her back problems/sleeplessness/leg pains/whatever.  So we go through the ordeal of dragging them in and out - big puffy recliners through halls with right angles and narrow doors.  It was a happy moment when I realized the backs would lift off.  The one that's currently out of favor has been resting in my sewing room - just a random recliner taking up space.  But this time Mike hauled it to the storage unit to wait for it's next call.

Still a lot of work to do, and it needs cleaning and dusting, but I'm getting there. 


 This has been a job, folding all this fabric to fit the cubes.  Most of mine is in small pieces for quilting or embroidery - lots of fat quarters and half yards, etc, -  and that was hard to do, but it's fairly well organized now.  And room for more!

This corner where the hutch is always looks messy.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.  The drawers and cabinets are handy, but those glass shelves just aren't attractive with plastic boxes.  Oh, well.

I sure don't need plates and cups and vases and stuff on it.  Now it holds my embroidery supplies on the bottom shelf, smocking pleater and supplies plus buttons on the second, and things I'm keeping but don't know why on the top one - cross-stitch half-finished projects, craft things, old patterns.

But I can mostly see my cutting table now.

Mike hates it and would love to take it out and chop it into small pieces.  It's missing one wheel (caster?), and that leg is on a block of Styrofoam.  It's just overall kind of shaky, but it's big and pretty reliable, so I don't see any reason to replace it. 

This once held my little TV in Meridian and now has patterns and tracing paper, interfacing, etc. Still thinking about it.
So this is what I see while I'm sewing.  I think it's beautiful - just because I know where everything is now, and nothing is stuffed into plastic bins or in dresser drawers - well some drawers are still being used in the bedrooms.
That big "entertainment center" served it's purpose in several houses for holding TVs and VCRs.  I've threatened to get rid of it, but it holds a huge amount of stuff that wouldn't fit anywhere else and is better off hidden - like batting and bulky fabrics, half-finished projects, and other boxes I haven't looked at in awhile.
Another few days, and I think I'll be thrilled with it.  Another few weeks, and it'll be messy again.  But maybe not as much as before.


  1. This looks like a space well used....lookin good!

  2. Your sewing room looks fantastic!!!. I love how neat and orderly your fabric looks. The white cubicles also add to the neat look too. The brick wall adds character to the space. It looks like a great space to work in.

  3. Thanks! I do enjoy the large space and probably won't be lucky enough to have a room like this if we ever move. Those neat stacks of cloth won't stay that way long when I'm over there pulling out things from the bottom!