Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We're Off

This is not the moment to feel guilty about not writing anything for weeks.  Not when the last item is stuffed into one of those bags and not when people are pacing around wanting to get to the airport.

Debby thinks I should journal our adventure, but without my good laptop, I'm not sure I can peck out many paragraphs on that little phone.

I hope it's such a boring trip today that there will be nothing to write about. 

Emily, Ryan, and Graysen got in from SD last night late.  I know it's not going to be a fun day for Emily getting back to work, but then Ryan is picking us up (excellent babysitters we are) and leaving right away for a few days. 

Now that I have a few minutes, I can't think of anything to write - or there's too much, and I don't want to get started.

The pictures I just uploaded from my camera:

These are the two sewing projects I've done recently, the top one for a sweet boy's first birthday and the bottom one for his brother.  I also made Graysen a few things, but I'll have to let her model them the next few days.  Can't believe we're going to see her soon - today!

She spent nearly a week in Sioux Falls meeting all her cousins and getting reacquainted with her other grandparents.  The only picture I have:

The other pictures are of Sunday morning nursery.  I got to hold and snuggle the newest members, Nate and Hannah.

Miss Whitney with the big kids.  Sarah, Alex, and Skyler.

I hear sounds that make me think I'd better stop typing and get on the road.  I'm just a little nervous, but I know we'll have a good time.  Looking forward to having some interesting things to write tomorrow.