Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dina's Shower

I'm finally getting around to writing about the wonderful shower given for Dina in honor of the very soon arrival of Allyn Emilia and Lauren Alessandra. 

I have a lot of pictures and a good bit of information, but since this was Mike's first baby shower, I'm sure a lot of details were lost.  For instance on my questioning about what some of the gifts were, he got a blank look in his eyes and said, "Uh, bibs, clothes...." 

I'll do my best on labeling the pictures.  

I can't get the picture out of my mind, though, of him stumbling through customs carrying a giant box containing a breastfeeding pillow - a double one - and trying to correct the customs guys' insistence it was a painting.  Even though he is "gifted in many languages," somehow the words for that particular item were not in his vocabulary.  They were saying, "Pintura," and he was countering with, "No, pee-low, pee-low", probably accompanied by unfortunate body language to go along with it.  They either took his word for it or had to go somewhere and laugh, but My Brest Friend made it.

The shower was in Guatemala City, and it was like a Sunday morning brunch.  Mike had a sunny-side-up egg on top of frijoles.  I can get good descriptions of the food - the most important thing.

When asked about the decorations, he said they puffed up some things and scattered things all over the tables.

 A little bit more to it than that.  Gaby and Dina with the help of their mother did the beautiful decorations, and Gaby made the cake, 2 pieces of which made it home for Debby and me to try.  It was just as good as it was pretty. 




Now for the family members.

Dina's Family.  Dina, Allan, and Diego.

Gaby, Carlos, and Alejandro.

Dina and her grandmother.
Dina with her parents.
Four generations.
Mother, daughters, and families.

I think Mike was too caught up in the festivies to take many pictures of the opening of gifts, but Carlos sent some and some more views of the tables and guests.





From there, they all went to Antigua to sightsee and do some shopping and have the evening meal.

This has survived more than one earthquake.  I'm not sure of the history other than that.

This looks neat.  I bet there were lots of interesting things to be found here.  I think some of them made their way back to Alabama.  I would have gone straight to the yellow giraffe if I had been there.
 Allan and Diego

This is pretty.  It looks like one of Gaby's cakes.

 Buying peanuts from a wheelbarrow in the street.
I'd love to see this quilt close up.
The famous Donna Mia.

On Monday, Mike went to Dina and Allan's home and from there to their mother's home.  He put these pictures on FB, so I'm going to copy his explanations since he was there.

The whole area between the homes of their mother and grandmother is 99 percent rain forest

A stunning wild garden

...fresh mangoes. I heard Grandmother say something like "Volver rapido" Due to the fact that a person can literally be injured by falling mangoes.
Gaby's comment:  Granny says RUNNN.
In the same wild garden, Carlos showed the gringo how to harvest...

5 minutes later, Gaby and her grandmother served fresh mangoes while her mom prepared mango juice. I feel very honored to have been welcomed into their homes

The fresh fruit plate prepared for me by Gaby and Dina in Dina's home
Gaby and Dina say this melon is zapote.

This is chico.

 This one I do remember --it is dragon fruit (I am not making that name up.) It is extremely good, as well as having the most intense colors imaginable.

  Such a fun and interesting trip.  The whole family just outdid themselves on the decorations and the food and hospitality, and I know everyone had a good time. 
Especially these two. 
Can't wait to see the little girls.


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  1. There is someone missing... YOU BECKY!! I wish you can came next time, tell Debby to join you, we have to came back to Antigua (it is very hard to do a good shopping with boys around, they hate shopping and I love it haha). I bet you will have great time toghether; boys can go straight to eat or somewere else hahaha. I will send you some info about Antigua ok? Love dear, we missed you.