Monday, May 27, 2013

Patio Progress

Work had to stop today because it's a holiday, and they can't get any concrete, so they'll finish up in the morning.  It gave us time to admire the work so far, and it is nice.  Instead of the free-flowing curves, they rounded it more smoothly, and it's just perfect.

From the back door looking right.

And to the left.  Looks like a good place for a grill.  Or a bench.
I was almost voted down, but I did get to keep my crepe myrtle.  I can't imagine not having its little bit of shade, and I just think it's pretty, blooming or not.  
Some of the bushes will go, and I can have a little flower bed.

Overall, I'm so pleased.
We're even on their Facebook page in the before stage.  I guess I need to "like" them but I'll wait until tomorrow and see what we get. 

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