Monday, May 27, 2013

No Turning Back Now

There's no messing around with the guys.  This was taken about 10 minutes after they got there.  I'm sorry to lose my healthy bushes, but it's part of it.  I'd better keep my eyes on the crepe myrtle though.
Darby is safely locked in the bathroom with her food and toys, and I've threatened to put Mike in there with her.  He's loving the fact that he thinks "he has the language" to talk to these guys.  They seem very patient and VERY amused when he says anything. 
I'm trying to get myself organized to sew some this week.  I'm going to try my hand at making some little boy things.  Their mom has given me the measurements, and I'm going to plunge right in.  Hope I don't disappoint.
I pleated some fabric for a smocked insert but wasn't pleased with the straightness.  I'll try again, but it's a pain to have to thread ALL those needles every time.
I did finish this, and I think this is the favorite thing I've made so far.  It's from this pattern, Vintage Baby Bubbles by Wendy Schoen.  I had seen one made and bought the pattern a couple of years ago.  It looked complicated, so I was a little afraid to try it.  It's a one-piece sunsuit with a detachable front to make it look like 2 pieces - and there are only 2 pieces to the pattern.  I did enjoy making it and had no trouble whatsoever understanding the direction except for the elastic casing in the pants.  Once I asked at Beth's Heirlooms and got a simple explanation, it finished up nicely.  I think the snaps are too big, and I'll use smaller ones next time but never the buttons it suggests.  I can't imagine unbuttoning and buttoning 6 buttons every time you change a diaper.
So here it is and hoping Graysen will stop growing long enough to fit into it this summer. 
It's so sweet.  Looks like 2 pieces.  The fabric is some I've had for awhile and wonderful to work with.  It doesn't look like it will ever need ironing.  Yay for Emily.
It looks like one piece in the back.

A view of the inside.
It should be an interesting day. 
 I worry about decisions and whether things are going to turn out the way I think they are.  This patio is curved - on one side to go around a tree and also that's just what this company specializes in.  It's stamped concrete that is supposed to have a pattern to it.  Anything is going to be a 100% improvement though.
I just sneaked another picture.   It's gettin' real!  And look at that shade for morning cups of coffee.  The afternoon might be a different story though.
These are cheerful guys and seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.  I hope no none of our neighbors planned on sleeping late this morning.


  1. The little blue outfit is the cutest thing I've seen in such a long time!! The patio is going to be soooo nice for y'all...

    1. Me too. If it fits, I'll get some more in different sizes. I guess you could make it in corduroy and wear a long-sleeved shirt under it for the fall and winter!