Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Already

I have so many pictures (and memories) from the beach and from our mini family reunion here last week that I'm sure I'll never get it all sorted out. 

So I'll just put that on hold and mention what a beautiful day yesterday was.  Beautiful to me means a little rain, so it was perfect.

Darby and I got up and went out for a walk early, and it was perfect walking weather.  The neighborhood lawns for the most part are lush and green, and the trees have branched out it seems overnight.

 She can't bother with posing when the open road is calling.  Her last haircut was a disaster but so much better than the 10 pounds of shagginess she had before.

It was cloudy and windy but not cold.  Perfect walking weather.  I did start to worry about getting caught in a shower (again), but we made it. 

Our yard doesn't look too shabby either, even after being left for a week.  How good does that new black door look?

Mike grudgingly admitted the azaleas looked nice and that he would not dig them up this year.

Zinnias seedlings are not impressive.  I think I might have to fill in a good bit.

 Speaking of impressive.  Such an easy way to have a beautiful corner bed.

Side door planters need a little tweaking and a little time.

I love this little front porch and want to remember to spend more time here.  The mandevillas in the 2 pots made it through the winter along with some geraniums, and they're ready to climb this spring.

Stella/Molly was there to greet us when we returned, although she refused to look at us.

This is the before picture of our back yard that I've lived with for 5 or 6 years.  Not ugly and I do appreciate the nice beds and the crepe myrtle, but everyone needs a place to sit out back.

The contractor we've hired was adamant about cutting down the tree and shrubs.  He wanted to go all the way to the brick and did his best to make me change my mind.  He's probably right, and I'll find out later that the tree will die or something, but I'll still have given it a chance (and still have a little flower bed).  The concrete will go to the wall for about 5 feet from the window and curve around the tree.  I'll have to give up the perfectly healthy shrubs and the sassanqua on the other wall.  Oh well.

It will be interesting to see how it looks.  It will definitely be an improvement.

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