Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Llama Llama Red Pajama

I got this picture yesterday of Graysen snoozing with her llama in red pajamas.

This along with the book was a gift from sweet friends from Andalusia, Jackie and Joe McDanal.  Kathy and Alan brought it to her while we were at the beach, and it immediately got read to her.


I had already seen some of the series and wanted to start buying them for Graysen, so now she has one of them and the llama to go with it!  She does seem to love looking at it and talking to it.

She immediately sent a thank-you message to the McDanals.
Looking back at these pictures, I found some that I had forgotten.  A LOT of pictures.  It's hard to pick just a few.  (An hour later, I realize I just went ahead and relived the whole beach trip.)
First, we had a great time in Navarre Beach.  The condo was beautiful and quiet, and we will go back there next time.
Debby came down early to help me with my babysitting Friday morning, and Tom came down Saturday and Sunday.  In the meantime, Kathy and Alan came on Friday afternoon and spent one night.  It never seemed crowded.  Mostly, everyone was on the huge balcony or either on the beach - or eating!
Some pictures of the condo.  I was bored waiting for the guys to load the car and took this.

Seen from across the bay.  There aren't really a lot of high-rise places there.  I think this is all of them.  Really quiet and isolated.

View from the living room. 

There was enough breeze to keep the pinwheel going.

Kathy's first visit with Graysen.  We don't have pictures of Alan and Tom, I guess because they weren't ever holding the baby, and that's where cameras were focused.

No doubt about this baby getting a lot of love.
I don't have the nice one of Debby holding Graysen since it's in Picasa, and I can't figure out how to upload it.  Here she is with Emily though.  Sweet picture.
So the beach.  We know for sure Emily loved being on the beach, Ryan bore it stoically, and Graysen only put up with it for a short time. 
She slept awhile, but the sun was too bright for her when she woke up, and she got transported back.
Much better on the shady balcony.

I just have time to mention the excellent lunch we had at a place called Stinky's.  Terrible name.  Really nice place to eat.
Graysen has her doubts about it.
But ended up enjoying herself and sleeping through most of the meal.
The food.
Oysters it is for Mike, Debby, and Emily.  Everywhere we went, oysters and more oysters.  They couldn't get enough.
There were other delicious dishes too.  This was mine.  I think it was a crab cake on fried green tomatoes with cheese grits, a week's worth of calories in one meal - but so worth it.
Not sure what this is.
Emily would never have relaxed if she had realized what was flying above her.
These guys played while we ate.  Here's Mike trying to get them to play "Leaving on a Jet Plane" to make Emily and Ryan feel guilty for taking Graysen away  leaving us.
That was a great lunch.  We struck out on finding a good meal with Kathy and Alan, maybe because we didn't know the area and waited too late to make reservations.  There was nothing wrong with the pizza we had though.
After everyone left on the last day, we drove here.  I'm not sure where it is because I again had the privilege of back-seat riding with Graysen.

More oysters.
I can't remember what I had this meal but something unusual, I'm sure.

Two final sweet pictures.  I think these were taken by Alan. 
I can't believe it came together so nicely so everyone could meet Graysen on her short visit.  We miss them and can't wait for the next visit. 

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