Saturday, May 18, 2013

Finally - Sewing Success

According to my standards, that is.  Success to me means actually finishing something, and lately that's been eluding me. 

I spent a good bit of time experimenting on making buttonholes on my Babylock since I've never done any and got just the right setting for the delicate batiste.  Most of them looked too heavy and bulky at first, but I worked on my settings until I got one just right.

And finally went in there and did it.  All 3 at one time, just finished that blue dress!  Maybe before Graysen outgrows it. 

I think the back is so cute, but I pity the person who has to button those tiny buttons on a squirming baby.  Maybe they can sneak up on her while she's asleep.

So this is ready to go in the mail before it's too late.  I loved doing it but don't want to do another one real soon.
Believe it or not, this bubble was harder than the dress for me.
Piping, strange casings, linings, piping!

I may have had trouble with the piping, but I nailed those covered buttons.  And did a pretty good job with my first try at putting in snap tape at the crotch instead of individual snaps.  This was really an experimental outfit just to check on how the sizing runs and whether Emily likes the way it looks, but the monogram turned out so nice I had to do my best.

The next one I do will be plain, and I'll concentrate on the construction and fitting.  I think I'll try to do a yoke after that.  Too many ideas in my head and not enough follow-through.

This is what I'm looking at from the sewing machine - a perfect day.  Enough rain for the plants to enjoy and a nice enough wind to make the maple creak.  I think that may be a danger sign, that one of the limbs is about to break. 

The white behind the tree is one of Darby's toys left out to get wet.  She looks cold and damp, but staying out in the rain this morning is her choice. 
 It's summertime, and the lizards are out to tease her.
Speaking of lizards (and I hope we're not in this case), I found this little scene when I went to turn off the lights in the sewing room last night.  That's where Darby and Stella sleep.

Stella is an evil cat, but her badness is confined to scratching carpets and trying to walk on you when you're busy.

Darby on the other hand is a very good dog.  She never has chewed things, even as a puppy, and is not know to be destructive, although she won't turn down a sandwich left unattended in the den. 

I think I solved the mystery.  Darby is obsessed with chasing critters, and I figure "something" crawled under this bookcase, and I optimistically choose to believe it was a bug.  I think she thought she could dig down to where it was, thus the shredded magazine and mess.  Or it could be an entirely different reason.   The J. Crew and Land's End catalogs are dated 2007, so she might have thought the shelf needed cleaning.

Little adventure from Snoqualmie.  I got this picture last night labeled, "Going fishing."
She sure seems happy about it.  It seems Ryan and Emily have a lake within walking distance of their house, and they packed up to have a little outing and let Ryan see what kind of fish are in the lake.
I stole this from Ryan's FB page.  Not sure who is having the most fun.  Emily said Graysen talked and sang to the trees the whole way.
But unfortunately the trip was cut short because they live in Washington, and the clouds started rolling in over the mountains, and that was that for the outing.  Still fun though, and there will be lots more times.
Mike and Elise should have arrived this morning, and I can't wait to see and hear all about that.  I would love to see Elise when she first greets Graysen.  I know they'll have fun.  Kinda wish I were there but kinda want Elise to have her special time without too much competition.



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