Friday, May 17, 2013

Beeps in the Night

This is the most mundane post ever.  I bore myself.  Hopefullly one day I'll appreciate the fact that I discussed all this.
I was sleeping soundly at 4:15 this morning when I heard one solitary beep - a loud one.  I listened for a few more beeps - spaced about a minute apart - and then I knew it was up to me to solve it.  Mike and Elise were across the country in Utah and no help.  The first thing I did was go into the hall and sniff for smoke and then turn the air conditioner off.  Then I tracked the beep to the disengaged alarm system.
I guess if I had turned on the light and looked at the keypad, I would have seen the off button, but I'm afraid of it - afraid that one wrong touch will send alarms screaming all over the neighborhood and bring the police.  Even if it is disengaged.
So I emailed Mike.  He doesn't sleep at night, so I knew there was a good chance he was awake, and he was - or either my email coming in woke him up.  He's the one who mentioned pushing the off button, and since I had permission I gingerly poked it and listened for another minute.  Silence.  Nice.
I never went back to sleep though.  We talked awhile, and then I went and sewed some on Graysen's sunsuit.  I've made it harder than it's supposed to be, I think, and it's all because of the piping.
I love piping and would put it on almost everything I make, but it's not easy for me.  I know how to make it and know how to sew it on, but the curves around the neck and armholes gave me a little trouble.  I did it though.  The straps are not as neat as I would like, but they'll do.
I've been wanting to use  this pattern for a long time.  Taylor by Children's Corner.
It really is pretty simple, although I haven't done those elastic casings in the legs yet.  I like that you can leave off the ruffle at the bottom, and it makes a cute boy outfit.  I have the perfect little guy in mind if I can get my act together.
The monogram is hard to see here, but it turned out beautifully.  I got it from 8 Claws and a Paw embroidery designs.  I'm determined to learn how to do names and monograms this summer. 
I've had the fabric for a couple of years and still have a good bit left.  The green is a softer green than this picture shows, and it's really pretty.
I piped it in lavender gingham, but I think this one would have been fine without piping.  I'll remember that next time!
I drove to Millbrook yesterday to check out a children's consignment shop that I had seen on Facebook.  Once and Again.  It was nice, and the people were extremely nice.  It's just that Graysen has all the newborn to 3 month clothes she needs, and there weren't many 6-month things.  Also it's hard to buy ahead because of ages and seasons  and what Snoqualmie summers are like and how long they last.  I considered buying a 1-year or 18-month size, but that was TOO scary.
I got a couple of things, but this was my favorite.  It needed ironing badly, and I told Emily it was probably sold because the mom washed it and found it was easier to resell than to iron all those ruffles. 
We can't imagine when Graysen's feet will be big enough for shoes, but these are the ones Stephanie and Gray gave her - along with the softest bib and burp cloth ever.
This girl is never going to forget who she is with her initials and name on all her clothes.
So what's going on in our favorite baby's life?  She's now 3 months old, and her mother went back to work for 2 days this week, and they all survived.  Some better than others.  Karen and Ryan shared duties and sent her pictures all during the day. 
This is how she greeted her mom's return.  Look at that concentration.  It's a new skill, lifting that head off the floor.
This should be a popular spot for awhile now.  She's especially fascinated with the mirror.

Emily said she laughed on purpose last night for the first time and liked how it sounded and kept on.  I can't wait to have a video of that.  I have several of her talking to her birds and rolling, but I can't seem to post videos.
Mike and Elise should arrive in Snoqualmie and get in their cuddling time Saturday.  I'm so envious but glad Aunt CC is going to meet her niece.  The only good thing about Emily and Ryan moving that far away is the nice vacations it's forced allowed us to take.  They spent some time in Utah yesterday and will drive through Idaho and Oregon tomorrow.  Debby and I plan to go as soon as we're given permission this summer.

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