Friday, May 31, 2013

Little Bit of Sewing

I guess machine embroidery can be called sewing.  There's a machine - my trusty little Janome.
And thread.
And needles and scissors (and frustration).
So it must be sewing.
Although it's a lot more fun to me.
I've been working on these turtles for two sweet brothers.
The shorts should come soon.  I have to work on sizes and fitting.
The orange and blue and Tiny Tigers smocking plate is an ambitious goal for this summer for Graysen.
And this needs a little work, but the stars worked out pretty well.
This is another project for June.   The dress, I think.
The patio guys are finishing up this morning with their sealing and stuff, and it's looking good.  Pictures later.  Mike is repainting the outdoor table and chairs, so we should be all set by this weekend to enjoy it.
It's Friday and Mama's beauty shop and Wal-Mart day - my favorite, especially on Fridays.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Patio Progress

Work had to stop today because it's a holiday, and they can't get any concrete, so they'll finish up in the morning.  It gave us time to admire the work so far, and it is nice.  Instead of the free-flowing curves, they rounded it more smoothly, and it's just perfect.

From the back door looking right.

And to the left.  Looks like a good place for a grill.  Or a bench.
I was almost voted down, but I did get to keep my crepe myrtle.  I can't imagine not having its little bit of shade, and I just think it's pretty, blooming or not.  
Some of the bushes will go, and I can have a little flower bed.

Overall, I'm so pleased.
We're even on their Facebook page in the before stage.  I guess I need to "like" them but I'll wait until tomorrow and see what we get. 

No Turning Back Now

There's no messing around with the guys.  This was taken about 10 minutes after they got there.  I'm sorry to lose my healthy bushes, but it's part of it.  I'd better keep my eyes on the crepe myrtle though.
Darby is safely locked in the bathroom with her food and toys, and I've threatened to put Mike in there with her.  He's loving the fact that he thinks "he has the language" to talk to these guys.  They seem very patient and VERY amused when he says anything. 
I'm trying to get myself organized to sew some this week.  I'm going to try my hand at making some little boy things.  Their mom has given me the measurements, and I'm going to plunge right in.  Hope I don't disappoint.
I pleated some fabric for a smocked insert but wasn't pleased with the straightness.  I'll try again, but it's a pain to have to thread ALL those needles every time.
I did finish this, and I think this is the favorite thing I've made so far.  It's from this pattern, Vintage Baby Bubbles by Wendy Schoen.  I had seen one made and bought the pattern a couple of years ago.  It looked complicated, so I was a little afraid to try it.  It's a one-piece sunsuit with a detachable front to make it look like 2 pieces - and there are only 2 pieces to the pattern.  I did enjoy making it and had no trouble whatsoever understanding the direction except for the elastic casing in the pants.  Once I asked at Beth's Heirlooms and got a simple explanation, it finished up nicely.  I think the snaps are too big, and I'll use smaller ones next time but never the buttons it suggests.  I can't imagine unbuttoning and buttoning 6 buttons every time you change a diaper.
So here it is and hoping Graysen will stop growing long enough to fit into it this summer. 
It's so sweet.  Looks like 2 pieces.  The fabric is some I've had for awhile and wonderful to work with.  It doesn't look like it will ever need ironing.  Yay for Emily.
It looks like one piece in the back.

A view of the inside.
It should be an interesting day. 
 I worry about decisions and whether things are going to turn out the way I think they are.  This patio is curved - on one side to go around a tree and also that's just what this company specializes in.  It's stamped concrete that is supposed to have a pattern to it.  Anything is going to be a 100% improvement though.
I just sneaked another picture.   It's gettin' real!  And look at that shade for morning cups of coffee.  The afternoon might be a different story though.
These are cheerful guys and seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.  I hope no none of our neighbors planned on sleeping late this morning.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Divide and Conquer

The name of the quilt below.

This is a quilt I made when I first moved to Montgomery and loved doing it.  I didn't have anyone in particular in mind to give it to - figured both girls would think it was too pink - but surprisingly Emily snatched it up, and she and Ryan, and I'm sure Griff and Jack, have curled up under it in several different homes. 
 I think I like this use for it best.  Talking, giggling, rolling, and growing so fast.
I did a little sewing today and finished one project and started (in my mind) a bunch more.  Mama and I ate barbecue from the church and went to the Beth's Heirloom Sewing in Wetumpka.  So many pretty things to look at.  Beth talked me through a tricky spot on the sunsuit, and I put the snaps in when I got home.  I'm too lazy to get up and find the camera and take pictures tonight. 
Summer is here for sure with at least 10 days of relentless dryness and temperatures reaching 90.  Mike's glad of the dryness since he has 2 weeks of grass growth to tackle tomorrow when he gets home from his wanderings.  I'll probably just try to keep my few plants alive.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Llama Llama Red Pajama

I got this picture yesterday of Graysen snoozing with her llama in red pajamas.

This along with the book was a gift from sweet friends from Andalusia, Jackie and Joe McDanal.  Kathy and Alan brought it to her while we were at the beach, and it immediately got read to her.


I had already seen some of the series and wanted to start buying them for Graysen, so now she has one of them and the llama to go with it!  She does seem to love looking at it and talking to it.

She immediately sent a thank-you message to the McDanals.
Looking back at these pictures, I found some that I had forgotten.  A LOT of pictures.  It's hard to pick just a few.  (An hour later, I realize I just went ahead and relived the whole beach trip.)
First, we had a great time in Navarre Beach.  The condo was beautiful and quiet, and we will go back there next time.
Debby came down early to help me with my babysitting Friday morning, and Tom came down Saturday and Sunday.  In the meantime, Kathy and Alan came on Friday afternoon and spent one night.  It never seemed crowded.  Mostly, everyone was on the huge balcony or either on the beach - or eating!
Some pictures of the condo.  I was bored waiting for the guys to load the car and took this.

Seen from across the bay.  There aren't really a lot of high-rise places there.  I think this is all of them.  Really quiet and isolated.

View from the living room. 

There was enough breeze to keep the pinwheel going.

Kathy's first visit with Graysen.  We don't have pictures of Alan and Tom, I guess because they weren't ever holding the baby, and that's where cameras were focused.

No doubt about this baby getting a lot of love.
I don't have the nice one of Debby holding Graysen since it's in Picasa, and I can't figure out how to upload it.  Here she is with Emily though.  Sweet picture.
So the beach.  We know for sure Emily loved being on the beach, Ryan bore it stoically, and Graysen only put up with it for a short time. 
She slept awhile, but the sun was too bright for her when she woke up, and she got transported back.
Much better on the shady balcony.

I just have time to mention the excellent lunch we had at a place called Stinky's.  Terrible name.  Really nice place to eat.
Graysen has her doubts about it.
But ended up enjoying herself and sleeping through most of the meal.
The food.
Oysters it is for Mike, Debby, and Emily.  Everywhere we went, oysters and more oysters.  They couldn't get enough.
There were other delicious dishes too.  This was mine.  I think it was a crab cake on fried green tomatoes with cheese grits, a week's worth of calories in one meal - but so worth it.
Not sure what this is.
Emily would never have relaxed if she had realized what was flying above her.
These guys played while we ate.  Here's Mike trying to get them to play "Leaving on a Jet Plane" to make Emily and Ryan feel guilty for taking Graysen away  leaving us.
That was a great lunch.  We struck out on finding a good meal with Kathy and Alan, maybe because we didn't know the area and waited too late to make reservations.  There was nothing wrong with the pizza we had though.
After everyone left on the last day, we drove here.  I'm not sure where it is because I again had the privilege of back-seat riding with Graysen.

More oysters.
I can't remember what I had this meal but something unusual, I'm sure.

Two final sweet pictures.  I think these were taken by Alan. 
I can't believe it came together so nicely so everyone could meet Graysen on her short visit.  We miss them and can't wait for the next visit.