Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No Excuse

No reason not to write something here every day or so.  Even when life is the same around here, Emily is providing me with daily updates and pictures of Graysen.

It's blog aversion or something like that.  I want my life recorded, but I don't want to take the time to do it.

But life is happening, and I'll start somewhere - with yesterday maybe. 

It's a shame to have to go from this in the morning.


To this right after lunch.

Emily says the tissue is for Mom and that Graysen cried only what you would expect from an innocent child who has been attacked.  We're thankful for immunizations no matter how much they hurt us.

Last report is that she was fussy but was okay being held, which Dad was glad to do while Mom worked awhile.

So happenings around Forest Edge.  I'll add pictures when I get up.  It's kind of the middle of the night here.  It's nice to have a computer beside you for times you can't sleep.

Spring is here.  The grass is green, and trees are leafing out nicely.  I even planted a few seeds and some other things in pots and beds. 

The house is getting a little face lift.  Mike painted the dusty green shutters black last year, and he's finally tackled that eyesore of a front door.  He sanded it and thought a while about restaining it, but paint started to look attractive to both of us, so paint it is.  Black to match the shutters. 

New hardware too which we're going to tackle today with a little trepidation.

We had someone come talk to us about a patio yesterday.  The only thing we all three agree on is that we need one.  From there, I'm holding out for keeping the only big tree in the yard, the crepe myrtle by the back door.  The guys want it gone.  I'm just worried about opening the door onto this big expanse of concrete with nothing to break it up.  I like the greenery and don't want it all to be in pots, which I would probably not keep up that well.  A pergola is in the works too.  Just a lot to think about, and it won't start until May anyway.  We may have to get a second opinion.

One week from today, we're going to be so excited.  Well, I'm excited right now, thinking about Ryan, Emily, and Graysen arriving to spend nearly a week with us.  So many plans.  So many things to be borrowed and bought and thought about and coordinated.

The 24th is going to be jam packed.  The WA folks arrives in the middle of the afternoon but they'll already have people here to meet Graysen.  Uncle Gray and Aunt Stephanie from GA will be here early along with cousins Sherry and David from TN.  Some will go back, and some will stay until Thursday.  We're not sure of all the plans, but it will be so nice to get this many family members together.  We'll miss Elise who can't come now but will go to WA in May to do her own snuggling.

We're also using this occasion of family getting together to celebrate Mama's 90th birthday - or one celebration anyway.  Her actual birthday is May 3rd, but we'll have a cake and gifts and combine that with Graysen viewing.  What a great birthday gift to meet her great-granddaughter.

I'm finally getting sleepy again, so I'll be back with pictures later today and more mindless jabbering.

Here are Graysen's 2-month measurements: 
Height:  23.75 inches (95th percentile).  Weight 12.5 pounds (75th percentile).  She is healthy as can be and right on track with her milestones, smiling and tracking and holding up her head and moving her arms and legs.  Not to mention beautiful.  I'm sure the pediatrician noticed her outstanding looks.

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