Monday, April 29, 2013

Finally Here

The long-awaited and meticulously planned vist of Graysen to Alabama is in progress.  It's really hard to do it justice with just a blog entry because it has been so wonderful so far.  Just a dream.  I know I can't go back and capture everything because I'll get interrupted and end up with nothing.

This is the 3rd time I've attempted this.  I either get interrupted or the internet connecton will fail or something.  I'm going to go ahead and do this in spurts so I'll have a little bit to remember.  Mike has most of the pictures, especially the ones from Montgomery, and he hasn't shared them, so this is just what I've managed to capture.

So working backwards.  I'm getting the honor of babysitting this morning while Mike, Emily, and Ryan go fishing.  They left at some too-early hour this morning.  It's 10:50 now, and Emily texted me that she's having fun and catching so many fish.  I asked about how Ryan is liking it but didn't get an answer yet.  I don't have to ask about Mike.  I KNOW he is enjoying it.

Debby is on her way now to spend a few days.  Can't wait for her to get here.

Some pictures from last night and this morning.

Stopping in Flomaton for gas.  Two girls soaking up the sunshine.

My traveling companion.  I got to sit in the back seat and enjoy watching this sweet girl.

And marveling at the perfect little feet and hands.

Mike went on to the condo and the rest of us went in search of crawfish to take back.

Quaint little place somewhere in Pensacola.  I was in the back seat entertaining Graysen and just riding along so I don't know where this was or the name of it.

This was supper for Mike and me.

We have to go eat shrimp and oysters now, so I'll get as many pictures as possible on before we have to leave and write more later.

We never remember to take pictures until we have all our stuff spread out.  The kitchen was very roomy with plenty of storage and cooking space.

This is the main bedroom that looks out on the water.

 Graysen spent a lot of happy time in her little cradle on the deck - huge deck - watching her pinwheel spin and listening to the ocean.

 Okay, my pictures didn't load, and I went to bed, so I'll try again later. 

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