Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What We're Doing Today.

On this beautiful warm December day, we're a little more productive than we were yesterday.  It just takes time after a trip to get back in the groove, and it didn't help that there were a lot of piddly errands to be run and things to take care of.

Now that the bathroom is all shiny and new, Mike is taking on another project.  These shutters have been green since I moved here, and I never noticed them very much.  But they've faded to a pale blue-green, and it's time for an update.

I didn't think to take a before picture, but here they are in their dusty glory.  He's tried brush and spray painting off and off the brick, and I'm not sure what the final method will be.

It's definitely an improvement.

Mama got a permanent yesterday morning and nearly missed Days of Our Lives, but she's watching that now and finishing up on her pans of pecans.  I'm glad somebody in the family enjoys that whole process, because we all enjoy cooking with and eating them.

After having nothing to show for yesterday, I've at least taken all the fall things down and put them away and brought some Christmas things out.  I'm doing it a little at a time because I'm not sure I want to decorate a bunch this year.  Maybe I'll get enthused about it later.

This pitiful Christmas cactus has decided to bloom this year, and when it does, it makes the wait worth it.  I love those coral blooms, and it cheers me up seeing it there in the sunshine.

I enjoyed getting back to my sewing machine and did manage to make this last night and this morning.

 My first (and maybe last) fitted sheet, a crib sheet for futurebaby.

These colors will be used mainly in the nursery with aqua walls, so when I found this fabric I wanted to give it a try.  They were super easy, but I need to get it mailed to be tried out on the mattress.   I'll make more if needed or wanted.  Emily and Ryan also have some cute gray and white elephant sheets on their registry.  
Gray Elephant Crib Fitted Sheet

This fabric will be used for a giraffe pillow for the little rocking chair and maybe some wall hangings.

The nursery is coming along nicely, and this giraffe is perfectly at home there.  I didn't crochet this bonnet for him, but it looks pretty good on him.

 So we have a little bit to show for our efforts.

I still have more pictures from the trip that I don't have to time to look at, but first here is my beautiful new cousin Emma Lynne Meyer, Sherry and David's granddaughter.

Emma's mom had some serious problems and is just getting home after a week.  She doesn't look like she's letting much bother her.  I look forward to seeing this little girl grow up, and maybe the two little cousins - one in Florida and one in Washington will meet one day.


  1. She´s so beautiful and what a lovely face!!

    As always you do a wonderful job with the sewing, the elephants and the giraffe are very cute.

    Love B, really miss you, G

  2. First of all Emily and Ryan will enjoy all this sewing of baby stuff you are doing for them b/c these things are not cheap. Secondly, I always knew deep down Emily was an Alabama Fan with those Elephant crib sheets on her registry! Roll Tide my Georgia friends! :)

  3. Thanks, Gaby. I love doing the sewing. I'm working on a pillow now. And some bibs.

    Don't make false accusations, Leigh Ann. That's one deep feeling that's not coming true! Baby also has a ram(for UNC)and many tigers in her room. More giraffes though - that's one mascot you probably won't see on a football team!