Friday, December 14, 2012

Playing with my New Camera

My good old Panasonic Lumix bit the dust in Yakima.  It spit out a few more pictures but then just died.

So I got a nice Christmas present yesterday with a new one as close to the old one as possible.  It's all shiny and new, and I'm not even scared of it.  My pictures will be just as odd as they were with the old one.

Therefore, my December Friday night in pictures.  A rare cool night in the midst of this spring weather we're having.  I don't like cold weather, but I do like a fire.


Can't argue with this setup.  I didn't know I wanted a laptop, but I find out I'm enjoying it.  I got it big enough to use for work, and it took awhile to get used to balancing it, but it works nicely.  I do appreciate the big screen.

Just sitting here "talking"with Elise about Christmas plans. And looking at Pinterest. I doubt I'll make this, but it looks interesting

Stella enjoys the fire a lot. She wouldn't be a cat if she didn't.

Darby, on the other hand, enjoys sleeping behind the chair so there willl be less chance of being asked if she wants to go out. The answer to that will always me NO.
 Exciting new shipment of coffee came yesterday.  That should do me.
After getting a few cups of mocha from Starbucks, I thought I would try this.
And I like it a lot.  This is my last one unfortunately, but I might try it again.
This is a gift that Mama received from her sister-in-law.  Looks pretty, but I decided not to taste them.  Right now.

This is how the kitchen counter looks right now.  Not really the usual Christmas decor but will be appreciated a lot later.  Mama is not as thrilled about it though.  She keeps asking when it will be finished.  She  bought some candy for a Christmas candy dish but didn't put it in the kitchen.  We found it on the mantle. 

We still having a dishwasher installation take place in the next few days.  And the front door is being sanded and readied for staining.

It makes me exhausted just sitting here typing all this activity.  I might go looking for chocolate.

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