Saturday, December 1, 2012

No Excuse for Not Cooking Like Mrs. Patmore

One of the nicest things we did at Emily and Ryan's house is watch Downton Abbey Season 3.  They had already seen it but made it possible for us to enjoy it too without having to wait a whole week between episodes.

We realized it was Downton overload, but we couldn't NOT watch them all. Having seen the first 2 seasons, we couldn't wait to see what heppened next. Knowing this would be my reward made the 5-1/2 hours of making those lined curtains easier Sunday afternoon.

Emily slept through half of the last episode, and I dozed, so I'll look forward to seeing that one again. In fact, we'll probably watch them all again when they start live tomorrow night.

When we got home, this was waiting for us - a gift from Lady Edith and Lord Anthony (Emily and Ryan).

There are offerings for the upstairs royalty:
And simpler fare for the downstairs servants:
Those deviled kidneys are certainly appealing.
Such fun.  We appreciate the gift and will try to do some of the recipes.  I'm sure it would horrify Mrs. Patmore and Daisy to see my cooking skills, but wouldn't they be jealous of our modern appliances?
It's good to be home.  I got three quarters of the unpacking done last night and am washing clothes this morning and drinking coffee and clipping coupons and thinking about replacing my camera.  I need to work this afternoon to see if I still know how.
I'd love to think we could take some more long trips like this last one in the future.  We're getting our system worked out and see where we could make some improvements.  The one thing I would change is not having to rush through the various areas like we've done but to stop and enjoy each state and its offererings.  I'll have more pictures later.  Colorado especially was beautiful.

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