Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hanging out with Chris Tree

 Our church is selling Christmas trees again this year, and I saw a request for workers on Facebook.  I volunteered us for yesterday.  Or at least Mike.  He never knew what happened.  I left him there while I took Mama to the beauty shop and Wal-Mart and to get lunch and then only visited and took coffee and lunch while he did all the "work."

The trees are beautiful, and I hope we sell a lot, but he only sold 2 yesterday.  He kept busy by trimming the trunks and setting them in water buckets and reading and drinking coffee.  Luckily it was a perfect day for sitting outside and smelling the evergreen aroma.

Chris Tree came during the afternoon to stand at the highway and wave and try to bring in some customers.  He got a few honks and probably a lot of laughs and waves.

I have nothing to show for the end of the week for myself.  I started on a giraffe pillow and am waiting on Emily to send me the measurements of the chair it's to go in.  I like the way it looks, but appliqueing is not easy around that little head and tail.  He's a little bumpy.

Hoping for more motivation next week.

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