Saturday, November 24, 2012

Yesterday's Adventure Illustrated

On such a rainy day, I had to leave this ----
For this ----
 This stop was the longest single stop we made all day.
 But doesn't it look inviting?

Makes you kind of forget the weather and the Starbucks/Fred Meyer traffic jam when you can have a Venti Skinny Eggnog Cappuccino with an extra shot of expresso.
Wonder what's on the menu here - not that we would ever check to see.  Supposedly the server's attire is pretty different than the Starbuck folks' uniforms.

The Ikea in Issaquah was surprisingly easy to get in and out of.  I was remembering the one in Atlanta!  Emily and Ryan knew what they wanted and had checked on line to see that they had 6 of the Hemnes dresser in stock, so she parked in a 15-minute loading zone parking place, and we were back with time to kill. 
 The dresser was easy to find, but the workers conveniently were busy elsewhere when it was time to load the boxes onto the cart.  Two customers took pity on us and put them on the cart, and we were able to maneuver it through checkout. 
After that, we were on our own but loaded it ourselves without much problem with me yelling at Emily to "Don't lift.  Let me do it!"   She reminded me that she lifts patients all the time.  Still...  We did a good job placing it diagonally in the car with a whole 2 inches to spare.  Success!
Then to "The City."
Capitol Hill area.  Not enough time to enjoy everything.
Tottini's had the audacity to be in downtown Seattle, and the pickup was in an alley behind the store.  Turned out to be a really pretty little lane, and the loading was quick (and magical), fitting 3 huge boxes in the back.
Back to the highways and tunnels.
Going over Lake Washington. 
Then to Bellevue to Merry-Go-Round Kids.
For some giraffe petting.
Christmas outfit admiring.
Next Christmas toy ideas.
They had already bought the glider on line and just had to go in to pay and confirm.  Different fabric, different color but this style. 
It was good to be home and have some leftovers and watch the first Downton Abbey show.  Perfect evening.
It was also fun to see the dresser and bed change from flat boxes to real furniture.
 Strange things going on in this room.


  1. I enjoy to 'travel' through all this places with you, all those states you passed on your way to get there. I don´t have plans to cross the US by car in the next time, so it´s very interesting to see your pictures. Have a good time and safe trip home, greetings from Austria!

  2. Thank you. I wish the pictures didn't have to be limited mainly by what I could take from a moving car, but we were limited by time. And fatigue. Now Austria! I would love to see Austria, but that's wishful thinking.

  3. Not your fault, Em. Í'm talking about the trip out there. I was NOT tired the day we went to Seattle - maybe a little terrified but not tired (that was you!)

  4. She will enjoy that low bed. Kolt is still in his baby bed (yes I know he is 2 1/2 but he hasnt tried to crawl out just yet) but my rail is really high which makes for awkward times for the chest area when you have to put a 35+ lb kid down (after you have dropped the mattress)

  5. Just saw this, Leigh Ann. Cribs aren't like they used to be, and it's hard to get used to the new way of not having the mattress up really high at first and having the dropped rail. Good for tall people, I guess. Hope I don't fall head first into the crib with the baby, leaning over the rail. Lots of things have changed in 30 years! Especially how you all survived without good car seats or seat belts or organic clothing.