Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What a mess!

The only thing I completely understand in all this is that cup of coffee sitting on the desk.  And that the cords underneath the desk are in serious need of corralling.

I think it's a good mess, but it may drive me crazy before it helps.  I know it wasn't too many years ago that I was getting excited over having an electric typewriter.  Sure seems so anyway.  Now look at what it takes to make me happy.

My ultimate goal is to be rid of all the equipment on the desk one day and have just my new toy on the left.  But it looks like a long way to get to that point.

I had a tech person log into my new computer this morning and with a few clicks and instant messages install everything I need to work on it from that one in the middle.  So now I can go where I want to and work from someplace beside this rose-wallpapered cubbyhole.   The only trouble is, I'm not ready to give up the desk security yet.

My old personal computer on the right has had Vista installed on it when I had it reformatted and has become my enemy.  I still use it, but I dislike almost everything about it.  Slowly but surely, I'll move everything from that one onto the laptop.  Very slowly.

In the meantime, I swivel from screen to screen, trying to solve problems on one by asking questions on another one.

So that's why this blog is not filled with exciting adventures and pictures this week.  One reason.

It is pretty exciting though, even if I can't keep up with all the new technology, to have experienced so many levels of communication from phones where you had to give the operator your number to Smart Phones where you can do just about anything you want to and from a manual typewriter (with correction fluid and onion skin copies) to the magic things I'm able to do every day.  I wish the world would slow down a little bit now so I could enjoy it.

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