Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Short Day - From Wyoming to Idaho

The morning started off cold and rainy, so it was good to have fewer hours to drive.  We just drove through the upper eastern corner of Utah into Idaho.

The scenery was really pretty in spite of the gloominess, and we saw lots of snow-covered mountains in the distance.  Some pictures taken from the car.

We stopped for lunch and just a little exploring in Burley, Idaho.  Nothing much to see there.  We found a restaurant, Morey's, which had seen better days but was on the Snake River with a pretty view, so we shared a buffet lunch with the Rotary Club and various other locals.

We're spending the night in Boise and should arrive at Emily and Ryan's house tomorrow afternoon.  It will be nice to be settled for a few days before we have to start back. 

We're getting daily videos of Stella and Darby from the petsitter Kelly.  They're all three hilarious, and I know they're glad to see her when she comes over to feet or let them in. 

Sleep time now finally.   Mike has some good pictures too that I'll post in the next few days.

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