Friday, November 16, 2012

Leaving Tomorrow

I guess we're ready.

Car is mostly packed.  Lists are checked off.  House is fairly clean.

This is with no luggage packed yet and minus one small rocking chair.  I have faith it will all go in.

We added these yesterday when Mike went to Andalusia.

 It was a long and confusing story (since the pecan connoisseur, Mama, wasn't along) but one with a happy ending.  Lots and lots of pecans are going to Snoqualmie and Birmingham and Sioux Falls, and a good many are staying here too.

I took my camera with me this morning on our last-minute errands and actually took a few pictures.  I always feel kind of strange taking pictures, so I don't frame them well or pose people.

This is our little beauty shop, or barber shop, as Mike had rather it be called.

 It's always decorated for the season, with sometimes the holidays running into each other.

We made it a family affair today, as Mike and I pushed Mama out of her chair for haircuts.  She doesn't look too pleased in this picture.  Maybe the decor clashes with her blue outfit.  I should have gotten an "after" picture.

Natasha is the one who cuts our hair.

Sweet girl.  We talked smocking and little girl dresses this morning, and Mike tried to talk her into weaving a feather into his hair for the holidays.  I think he had seen this last week and thought it would be a good touch.

While Mama was getting her hairdo, we went to Fresh Market, one of my favorite places.  It was so festive this morning with the cinnamon smells and Christmas music.  Even they have skipped Thanksgiving.

Anyway, some pictures.  We could have stayed there an hour just looking at all the wonderful and different (and expensive) things.

It looks like Publix is not slighting Thanksgiving.  One of the cashiers.

So while I work in the morning, Mike will finish packing the car and pacing impatiently, and then we'll be on our way.  I'm trying again to remember why I promised to work tomorrow.

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  1. Elliot's!! I hope there a lot coming here. We did 10lbs last year and they got gone quick.