Friday, November 23, 2012

Day after Thanksgiving Update

Just a short update because I'm having much too much fun and staying much too busy to even look at a computer.

Last night Emily and Ryan had dinner for 9, and everyone (but me) brought wonderful food.  I interfered in the dressing making and made the wassail - that's about it.  We have pictures that I'll include later.  Wonderful people, so much laughter and good food and love. 

I think I'm getting braver as I get older.  I managed to actually enjoy a day of riding in the pouring rain to Heaven knows where, through tunnels and over rivers, getting on numerous interstates and never gasping once and only hitting my brakes once.  I'm proud of my little Georgia girl and how she navigates through this traffic (calm and civilized but LOTS of traffic) and rain and handles Seattle like a pro.  At one point after I had congratulated myself on not being such a bad Black Friday after all she mentioned that she was sorry but that one item to be picked up was in "The City." I thought she meant Bellevue, which is pretty big and traffic-y itself, and said that was ok.  Turns out she meant downtown Seattle.  It was fine though, and we had a great time.  We came home with a dresser for the baby's room and the crib plus ordering the glider, so it was very successful. 

Speaking of babies, we have a new cousin born yesterday in Florida to Sherry's son Ryan and his wife Najla - a sweet baby girl who is doing great, but Najla had some serious complications and is still in ICU.  She needs a lot of prayers as do Ryan and the grandparents as they try to take care of a newborn alone and be with Najla.  I can't imagine how scared they all are, but I feel like things will turn around tomorrow, and she will start to mend.

I'll try to catch up tomorrow.

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