Monday, November 12, 2012

Countdown to Saturday

So I have my list, and I'm crossing off things.  The rain and the fact that the banks are closed today made the decision for not going out anywhere and getting things done in the house instead.

This is what we did yesterday.

We visited our storage unit.

That Mike likes almost well enough to get a recliner and a microwave and move there.

If he could only master the skills necessary for locking it.

We go visit our back seats sometimes.  (This is an old picture before we sold the chairs on the right.)

Taking out the seats has given us much-needed room.  With a lot of eyeballing and some calculating, we managed to get 3 pieces of furniture into the car for their long trip. Eleanor's cedar chest and treadle sewing machine and Aunt Addie's desk.

The cedar chest will have to be crammed full of things and all 3 pieces wrapped to keep them steady.  Then we have to add 2 ice chests and a little rocking chair, boxes of diapers and books and baby things, sewing projects, and maybe some bags of our own.  Although since we'll be in a different state every day, we could probably get by with a very small wardrobe for the trip there and back.

Two goals today are for me to clean my sewing room and put everything away and Mike to finish up the painting in the bathroom.  The former pains me so badly, to have everything unavailable, but I'll enjoy the way it looks, and the petsitter will enjoy it even more since that's where she needs to let Darby and Stella in and out and feed them. 

I guess I should get started - now.

Mike has done wonders with the bathroom.  I think he doesn't want it to be finished now that he has time to be a perfectionist.

The pictures worked nicely, I think.

I'll have a final picture or 2 when the last paint brush and rag has left the room.

We will NOT start on the foyer before we leave - although it's tempting to get some of that wallpaper down.

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