Sunday, November 18, 2012

Checking in from Nebraska

From the beautiful Downtown Courtyard Marriott in Lincoln.

I wanted to keep a journal of this trip as we went along because it's too hard to remember when it's all over, but it's also hard to download pictures and type when you finally get off the road and into a comfortable room. 
I like to take pictures of the rooms we stay in.  They're all similar, but I like the way the beds are all made, and it's so clean - before we start throwing our stuff everywhere and messing it up.

 That sparkly clean bathroom with the soft towels and water for a hot, hot shower to take the fatigue of the day away.
I'm not used to this computer, and it has been a long day, so I won't try to cover yesterday and today, just work my way backwards.  I took no pictures and nothing happened the whole afternoon.  We drove across the whole state of Missouri and into Nebraska.  It was a pretty day, but I mainly knitted while Mike drove, and it was just the same scenery mile after mile.  Pretty flat land and blue sky with a few towns scattered here and there.
We did have an excellent lunch just west of St. Louis.  Yesterday we ate the sandwiches we brought for lunch and supper, but today we decided to buy a lunch.  We were looking for something local and not a chain or place that we were used to  We got off the interstate at a busy-looking place and finally ended up at Bandana's Barbecue.  I think it was the smell that lured us there.  It's also a chain, but we had never heard of it.  Soooo good. 
The meat was beautiful, pork and brisket, and not a sliver of fat that we could see.  We experimented with the sauces, and I didn't find one I didn't like.  Here they are:
We got sides of slaw and baked potato for Mike and potato salad and fried okra (of course) for me.  A very nice place, and we'll look for it again somewhere else.
Yesterday's pictures are in my camera with a recharging battery, and that hot shower is calling so I'.m just going to post some pictures I took with Mike's camera.  I was trying to figure out where the zoom was and the focus, and he was yelling words like aperture ánd shutter speed and stuff at me so I was lucky to get these. 
The first one was funnier in person, and I couldn't get a really good picture of it. As soon as we got to Illinois, the roads were full of hunters and dead deer on the backs of trucks. That part was not funny, but then we were riding beside a truck with this one big hoof sticking out that was right amusing to us. You probably had to have been there....
The next ones are some scenes from early morning driving through Illinois and then of the St. Louis Arch and downtown.


Too sleepy for more.  Sorry these aren't more exciting, but I'm kind of limited to what I can see from the car window on various interstates since we are on a pretty strict schedule.
Tomorrow's plan:  Well west of Cheyenne.


  1. I've always wanted to go to the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln. Maybe one day..... Have a WONDERFUL time on your trip. Keep posting, I love to see what you're up to.

  2. bwhahahahaha had to comment on the deer hoof! That cracks me up. Must have been a small one b/c if it was a nice one then the tailgate would have been down and they would have been showing it off!

    1. Sherry, Mike is already planning a trip for us to Lincoln where I can stay in the hotel while you do fancy quilting classes.

      Leigh Ann, We saw plenty of trophies that morning, big and small - LOTS of them. The hoof seemed pretty large, but I'm not one to judge deer hooves from personal experience.