Friday, November 9, 2012

Busy Week

But doing what?

I know it was busy, because I left the house 4 times this week, and that's unusual.  But I don't know what we did.  Mike says only, "Paint!" when I ask him.

Monday is a distant memory.  I wonder if this is when we made the futile attempt to go to the heirloom shop in Wetumpka and found it closed.  Otherwise, painted and changed Mama's bedding for wintertime.

Tuesday was working at the voting precinct at our church.

Wednesday we took the car to the tire place for the tires to be rotated and checked.  Ate lunch at the Mexican place across the street.  And then took the car for an overnight visit to the auto place.

Yesterday I just shopped most of the day. Target for items for Christmas boxes, Beth's heirlooms in Wetumpka for a blanket backing and this cute fabric (in the half price room).  It looks like bugs, but it's turtles and snails from Moda's Little Apples by Anela Hoey.

Hobby Lobby for a glue gun and other odds and ends.  I know I have glue guns - just don't know where I've hidden them.  Found this llama to show Emily for a project she's thinking about.

Then Home Depot for switch plate covers and paint for the trim in the bathroom.  Jury is still out on whether the covers are an improvement or not. 

Beats the alternative of ivory plastic, I guess, but they do stand out. I think I saw some made from tile; that might be worth a try, but I know myself, and I'll live with these and get used to them. The blue X is a spot to be touched up.

We're trying not to accumulate any more "stuff" for this house, so I looked around in closets and found some pictures that I think will go nicely above the tub. Now to decide.

This morning I'm doing some make-up work and trying to catch up on emails.  Trying to think about what to pack and where to put it in the car. 
I did get this pressed and ready.  I think I mentioned it was my first smocking attempt, and I remember being so proud of it in spite of a few glitches.  It will do nicely for futurebaby for next spring I think - with a sweater and tights!

So that's my week, and we did get a lot done even if we can't remember what it was. 

We're planning to leave a week from Saturday and arrive in Snoqualmie on Wednesday, the 21st.  Can't wait.  Ryan is an excellent cook (Emily too), and it's going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We'll go to Andalusia the end of next week to pick up a Dean's Cake House cake - or 2 - and the last of the Alabama peas to transport.  I'm not sure it's us or those 2 items Emily and Ryan are looking more forward to seeing.  Hmmm.  I'm sure Ryan's thoughts run about like this  - caramel cake or in-laws?  In-laws or caramel cake?

We have Kelly, our excellent pet sitter, lined up, and my brother will being picking Mama up for her 2-week visit.  Now all that remains is a LOT of packing and cleaning and getting Darby a haircut - and whatever else comes up.

Oh, I'm hoping my new computer gets here and I figure it out in time to keep up with this blog better than in April - anything is better than nothing.  We'll be taking a different route than we did then and maybe have some different viewpoints.

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