Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tying up Loose Ends

 It's about time to get this bishop hemmed. 

It's the first one I ever made, probably 10 years ago.  I'm not crazy about the sleeves or the neck binding but not sad enough to redo them.

Also not sure why I chose such pale colors.  It looks a little better in person.

The second of the burp towels.  There is a reason for his red head - like being lazy and not wanting to get up and get a water-soluble topping and reaching for a plastic bag instead - and then noticing too late that the plastic bag had red print on it.  I have no explanation for why one of his legs is deformed.  Poor chick. 

Checking to see if this bunny head is too big for a onesie.  This will be my first try at embroidering a onesie.  I understand how to do it - let's see if I can follow through.

This cloudy fall day was perfect for doing a little knitting. 

That's probably enough loose ends for the day.  I actually turned the TV on and watched (or listened to) 90% of a movie and then abandoned it - just walked away and didn't go back. 

Debby and I get to have a day to ourselves tomorrow to eat lunch together and go poking around Andalusia and bringing back memories. 

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