Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday catch up after a useless Saturday

Yesterday I wandered - just roamed around and lit on nothing. I hardly ever have days when I can't find one thing to do that pleases me.  Therefore, I wasted it - the whole day.

So today I've worked the afternoon away cleaning the kitchen, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing.  Just awful.  It helps motivate me when someone is going to come sit at your kitchen table in the morning.  Our friend Daniel is bringing me a typing job and will need to sit down and talk about it.  He thinks I'm a good housekeeper.  I hope he always gives me a day's notice before he comes.  I hope he knows he's the only reason my kitchen gets cleaned lately.

No time for digging up family skeletons and no Andalusia adventures to talk about.  I'll have to have more time.

Since I'm hungry right now, this picture is appropriate. Debby and I stopped by the frozen yogurt shop in Andalusia Friday and got a cup.

I'd like to say the healthy one with all the fruit is mine, but unfortunately I got carried away with expresso and dark chocolate and peanuts and maybe a few other things too.

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