Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sewing Day

It's started off that way.  Let's see how long I can stick with it today with so much else needing to be done.

The project I'm rescuing from the trash can this morning is this.

I wasn't actually going to throw it away, but I did consider abandoning the project and using the smocking for something else.

I had an idea in my mind - no pattern or even picture than I can find now - of putting a panel of smocking diagonally across the corner of a receiving blanket.  It looks like now it may work out if I can neaten up my piping a little.  Using a new machine takes some getting used to different feet and measurements.  This is yellow batiste, and I'll line it with something that I'll decide later after a trip to the heirloom shop in Wetumpka.

I did complete a project yesterday.  These critter burps.

This is a good way to get back in practice using my embroidery machine.  I made a different "learning mistake" on every one of them.  I just used dish towels for the front and flannel for the back.  I'll try some different ones later.

If I can get the blanket to work out to my satisfaction, I'm next going to do a stroller bag.

There is a nice tutorial on the web site. Let's see if I can pull that off. I've had this yellow and white rather thick chevron fabric for a few months now, and Emily liked the black and white for the lining.
 It almost makes me dizzy, but the instructions looks doable.  We'll see...

Mike is at Wal-Mart now calling about Halloween candy.  Some years we have a bunch of kids, and last year we only had a few.  He likes M&M's and I like Smarties, so we'll get those 2 for sure.  He refuses to hide them from me, but I like them so much I'll eat them until my tongue burns.  They're perfect for working - separate them by flavor and line them up on my desk.  Never mind.

 Mama and I used to freeze our leftovers and dole them out all winter.  Maybe she'll hide them from me.

Our water pipe woes may not be as bad as we expected - except for paying a plumber nearly my week's salary to tell us the problem is in the refrigerator.  There is a nick in a line that carries the water from the water pipe in the wall to the water dispenser in the door, and it's been building up in the refrigerator somewhere and leaking out the back.  I hope that's true, but it was a scary running-water noise.  We have to wait until Friday for the refrigerator guy to come and get my next week's pay to find out for sure if that's it.  I'm over wanting new appliances, so I hope it's easy to fix.  It's fine with me to disable that whole ice-making mechanism.

This weather is drinking coffee and knitting weather, but I'm going to make myself go back to the sewing room and fuss over piping - fabric piping and not water piping.

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