Saturday, October 6, 2012

Productive Saturday

The Shannon Drive moving sale appears to have been very successful on the first day.  Most of the big items of furniture sold and lots of other things.  Kathy says there are still a bunch of things still there, and I assume they will be marked down for tomorrow for the last 3 hours.

While it's a sad thing to see the end of this home and it's furnishing as far as our family is concerned, we still have the memories as well as some good pieces of furniture and mementos.  It's just a relief now that the house is sold to find homes for all the furniture, and I'm sure the new owners will enjoy them.

I'll get pictures scanned later of some of the happy times spent here.

Speaking of scanning, I got our new printer installed today and hopefully will be able to scan.  The old one had just about stopped doing anything but basic printing and even that not very well.  I was depending on my work printer to print coupons and copy. 

So Mike ordered this small space ship that does way more than we'll ever need, although it might be fun to print from the phone when we're out of town.  I can't imagine why we would need to, but who knows? 

It looks a little precarious, but it's fine.  I need to get busy and scan to my computer all those hundreds (thousands) of snapshots we have in boxes and albums.  Now that makes me tired to think about.

Mike got busy on the garage today.  No before and after pictures.  It had gotten a bit cluttered.  He made a trip to the storage unit and unloaded a lot of things.  Then he made me choose which plastic bins to keep and which to throw away.  It hurts me to throw away a perfectly good Rubbermaid container top even though it hasn't seen the bottom in 5 years.  Some way, somehow, the bottom just might show up and not have a top!  And vice versa. 
I wonder if I could just sneak those into the storage house and wait for the bottoms to show up.  Where could they be?  I know where the gray one is that fit one of those tops.  We kind of nudged it one too many times coming into the garage.  I liked to use it as proof I was in far enough.

Then I spent a little time filling that printer box with baby things to sent to Emily and Ryan so we won't have to take them with us in November.

These are things I've collected through the years and put in my Grandmother Box.  Most of the things were found on clearance racks and the $1 bin at Target (wish I had gotten a bunch more of those wooden hangers).   Then Emily and I went shopping while she was here, and she couldn't take a lot of things on the plane.  The ram is definitely not new - it's been around since her UNC days. I forget what the ram has to do with Tarheels.

 I'm going to have to control myself buying books.  I want them ALL!

Time to go eat gumbo that Mike prepared while I worked.  I think that's a good exchange.

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