Friday, October 5, 2012

Memories of little girls.

Lately, I've enjoyed getting reacquainted with an old friend of Emily and Elise's, Leigh Ann, on Facebook.  She's a grownup now, although my best memories of her are crazy giggles and endless summer days of dress-up, plays, movies, swimming - just anything you can imagine a child's summer could be filled with.
Leigh Ann spent the summers with her dad and stepmother who lived right behind us, and I think the younger girls were around 6 and 7 when they first met.  I can't even remember summers when they weren't constantly together, but I think that's about the right time frame.
As soon as she arrived, Leigh Ann would be knocking on the door, and the 3 of them never missed a beat from what they were doing the summer before.  Eventually Elise outgrew them and began to not spend so much time with them, and other girls joined in along with Matthew another neighbor their age.  The house was always filled with sounds of laughter, Nintendo games, telephones ringing, refrigerator door openings, TV shows and music.  Lots of time spent in the under-the-deck playhouse "cooking" with berries and mud and dismembering Barbies.  (Their 2 brothers who were 6 years older than them were also getting into their own mischief, but I didn't know about that until years later when I would hear "confessions.")
I just sent Emily a scrapbook filled with pictures from those days, so I don't have them right now, but there were plenty of them, videos too.  They were always ready to perform plays and concerts and just plain old silliness for the camera. 
They didn't spend all their time at our house but alternated between Leigh Ann's and ours plus other neighbors.  At that time, the neighborhood was just filled with kids of all ages.  We had a trampoline and a high deck, and I was probably better off not knowing what went on there all the time.  One very clean activity was Soapy Slope, consisting of pouring a bottle of dishwashing solution on the trampoline, turning on the hose, and --  it's sort of indescribable but you couldn't watch them and not die laughing.
I sat through numerous preteen movies with them - the Goonies being the one that comes to mind first.  I think I've thankfully forgotten the rest.  Trips to the beach, birthday parties, Six Flags, lots of movies and trips to Macon Mall, whiffle ball and later on the Hanger, a unique place in Thomaston where teenagers and preteens and even children went to listen to music, play and find and break up with boyfriends and girlfriends. 
Fun times when summer days and nights seemed to stretch on and on.  There's no one left in the neighborhood now that we knew.  Everyone moved on and went their separate ways.  I think there should be a neighborhood reunion.  I can't remember the name of the subdivision now - really just two main streets - Monroe and Jefferson.  Maybe someone can jog my memory.
I asked Leigh Ann if I could take some pictures from her Facebook, and she gave me permission.  She has such a beautiful family now.  Husband Calvin and children Kori and Kolt - just beautiful.  Just from reading FB entries and seeing pictures, I gather Kori is quite a softball star as well as growing into a beautiful young lady, and they spend LOTS of time following her games and practices.  Pretty soon, they'll have a little boy doing the same thing - the sports thing, that is - and he IS beautiful!  Busy, happy lives.  I think it's an understatement to say mother and daugher look alike.
 Leigh Ann mentioned wishing she could do a blog so she would remember these days.  I recommend it. 
Here are some pictures from the Young family in no particular order.




  1. I have some of my fondest memories of our summers in Thomaston! I was always knocking on your door as soon as we pulled into the driveway. I have memories of you reading in your chair as we ran through your house playing! Memories of taking tennis lessons that summer and going to Vacation Bible School, going to movies in Griffin while you sat out in the car and read as we got old enough to go inside by ourselves. Memories of going swimming at Dr. Dallas' pool; Memories of that blue car you had that we let the seats down in the back and it was like a big truck bed with a roof! I cherish those memories and hope that my kids will have fun memories like that too.

    I have to admit this post made me tear up a little. I miss those days! Ahhhh to be young again!

    And an update on Kori. Just in the past few weeks she has learned to drag bunt and slap left handed. Hopefully I can figure out how to record her on her little video recorder and get it posted to facebook pretty soon. And Kolt already has an arm on him. We won't be able to keep him off the baseball fields much longer!

  2. OH and Elise was always too cool for Emily and me! We wanted to be just like her!

  3. Makes me a little sad too. Just remembered the subdivision - Dallas Heights. And the car was the blue station wagon - the Bratmobile. No one wore seatbelts, just rattled around in the back.

  4. Dad couldnt remember the name of the subdivision so I'm glad you remembered it.

    AHHHHH yes the Bratmobile!!! Good memories in that car! I think I have some pictures of us going to the movies.

  5. Ok. I know this is not facebook, but I just wanted you to know that I totally LIKE this. (wink)