Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just Made it for a Daily Update

I'm serious about writing something every day. 

Most of the morning was spent taking Mama for her outing at Wal-Mart.  She gives me her grocery list and wanders off to the other part of the store.  Then when we get ready to check out, she's gone behind me and gotten some of the same items herself.  She now has14 packages of banana nut muffin mix and 8 cans of fruit cocktail.  That should last a while.

Then Mike and I drove down to Andalusia after lunch..


Roy was sleeping when I got there, so I settled in with my knitting while Mike went out to do errands.  I spent the couple of hours after he woke up convincing him he did not need to get up and go anywhere.  It wasn't easy.  He had 20 different reasons why he needed to be somewhere.  Then when Kathy got there, he had 20 more.  It's really hard to see him unhappy, but he was sleeping when we left.

We went by the house where they were finishing up the sale preparation.  They've done a wonderful job pricing everything and making it so accessible.  I hope every piece finds a good home.  I'll have some pictures later of the house when it was a happier place.  Eleanor and Roy made a beautiful home, and we'll miss it.

We finished up our visit with an excellent meal here with Alan. Really good hamburger and good conversation.

Mike and Alan working on their ordering technique.

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