Thursday, October 11, 2012

How We Spent our Thursday

Some days nothing gets done around here - which is fine.  Other days, we have a little something to show for our time.  Some more than others.  This was a free day since I thought I was going to have to take Mama shopping, but she got up and decided she was not up to it.

These things took maybe an hour each, and I'm sure I don't know where the other hours went.

This has been an eyesore in our garage for years. I'm not sure we bought it but instead inherited it along with some other shelves and things in a house we bought. It works okay when you don't overfill it, but lately, it's just become a catch-all and is leaning pretty noticeably. 

It usually stands against a wall, but Mike had plans for that wall.  That monster ladder behind it needed hanging first.

Then he and Darby took a trip to Home Depot.  We've always been fascinated by people with pickup trucks who can leave their dogs in the back while they do errands, and when they come back the dog is still there.

If we put Darby in a truck, she would be out and running and wouldn't stop until she got to Mt. Meigs.  But she does fine enclosed in the back seat of the car, waiting very patiently and guarding her property.

This is what he decided on.

I helped. I held it up while he marked the drill places.

And after awhile things were beginning to look a little better.

There will be more to come, but this helps a lot.  I wanted our shovels and things to be as shiny as those on the package picture, but they work just fine.

All this time, I was wandering around my sewing room, pulling out this and that, and this is what I got done.

Some dish towels and flannel that I've had around.

Some embroidery designs, including my favorite turtle.

And this is the first of four burp towels that I'm going to do with these towels. 

I wish I were faster, but I still have about 4 months before they're needed.  Everyone knows that embroidered burp towels do wonders to build a baby's self-esteem and may even make them more intelligent.   If we had a name, I would even stick it on everyone of them along with some fancy monograms.

So I think that's about it.  I might work on another burpie tonight, and Mike could possibly tackle one of those bins of papers in the den. 

Or we might go have a cup of coffee and do nothing else the rest of the night.


  1. Proud of you! 11 days down with a post each day! Go Ms. Becky!

  2. Thanks, Leigh Ann, you noticed! October is a long month though.

  3. I was looking for the "Like" Button but realized I'm not on facebook! hehe