Monday, October 22, 2012


Roy Windham
03/25/1924 - 10/21/2012 
A good man - husband, father, grandfather, brother, father-in-law and friend.
He lived a life to be proud of and lived it to the fullest.  We'll miss him.


  1. I wish I could have met him in person. I guess I'll do in Heaven...

  2. I´m so sorry to read this, my heart is very sad, Agree with Dina, really hope to meet him in heaven. I´ll be praying for you, for peace in your hearts. Love you.

  3. He would have loved to meet you two also. Sorry we couldn't make it happen. He was very fond of you. Thanks for the sweet thoughts.

  4. I've been missing the past few days posts and just got to catch up today. Sorry to hear about Mr. Windham. I didn't realize he was sick.

  5. Leigh Anne - He's had a lot of problems this year and has been in a nursing home. He was 88. Just this past month, he started to get worse, more confused. The funeral is tomorrow, and everyone is on their way today. Thanks for thinking about us.