Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Errand Day

So, if I'm going to write something everyday, it's not always going to be exciting - like other days in my life.

Wednesday is get up and force yourself to buy groceries day because it's senior citizen discount day, it's the start of the buy-1-get-one-free weekly ad, and it's the only day to get your weekly 1-cent item.

Armed and ready.

 Darby is convinced she could help us with the errands - and we did consider it briefly.  I think she would have waited patiently in the car, but we weren't sure we wouldn't end up with food in the car that would be too much of a temptation.

First stop: Pike Road Branch of the Montgomery Library. Much closer and more pleasant than going downtown. Nice friendly people and usually enough new books to keep us busy. The whole new book section was new to me today since I haven't been into reading for months now. I found 2 books plus a CD to listen to when I walk by myself. If. I usually have to be forced on those walks, so it[s rare to get out alone, but I can listen while I sew also.

This is just an interesting-looking building to me next door to the library.  It was briefly a fresh market type of grocery store when I moved here, but that's didn't last long.
 On to Publix!  After picking up Mama's Birmingham News and getting her monthly money in just the right bills.

First thing inside the door - disappointment!  We don't use this type of coffee, so we left the coupon there where it was immediately snatched up. 

 Last time this happened, I was telling my story to the checkout girl, and a man in the next aisle heard me and was jumping up and down and pointing to himself - so I sold him my coupon. We've gotten some good things for a penny - bread, pretzels, vanilla wafers, pizza, paper towels, napkins, clorox. It's the Publix brand, of course, and a good way to try things out and see if you like the house brand. The toilet paper and paper towels I wouldn't buy, but the pretzels were excellent.

I seem to have found my favorite fall flowers.  I try to get some every year, but Publix is the only place I've found this particular color.  I had them planted in the flower bed this spring, but Mike dug them up (even though I told him what they were), so I don't feel guilty buying more.

Mike makes fun of my shopping bags, but they're so much nicer to handle than all those plastic bags sliding around in the back.

The total was $92 with $34 saved - and it would have been better if we'd stuck to our list and not been tempted by plants and shrimp and goat cheese and the three-olive bread our friend Daniel told us about.  Other than that, we bought only the things that were on sale or that I had a coupon for. 

It's good to have that over with - except that tomorrow Mama wants to go in Wal-Mart for her prescription refills and have her look-around.  It's been weeks now, and she needs printer paper and a bunch of other odds and ends.  We'll fill in our groceries with the things that were too expensive to buy at Publix.

Boring as it can be!  This just might be interesting to a grandchild one day who is looking to discover how things were in the old days - and we might enjoy looking back at it if we live another decade or two and remember these as the good old days.

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