Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2 - Kitty TV

Mama noticed the yard was full of blackbirds this morning and wanted to get Mike to take a picture, but he failed to get there in time.  He did notice this though.  Wouldn't Stella just love to have been in the yard when the birds came? 

There may be more for the day, but just in case this is the high point, I wanted to get my Oct. 2 entry in.

I hear Mike shouting out the answers to Jeopardy in another room (retirement must be nice), so I think it's time to go for a walk.  Half the answers could be wrong, but there's no one to call him on it.


  1. I couldnt tell Mike he was wrong anyway. Some of those jeopardy questions are like Trivia Pursuit questions. Only really really smart people know the answers. I used to hate it when they pulled that game out in high school!

  2. Now, Leigh Ann, Pick the right subject, and I bet you could beat anyone. My problem is finding that "right" subject! Yeah, Mike was obnoxious playing Trivial Pursuit. Were you ever around when there was a particularly stupid yes/no question and we would call in the nearest child to guess for us? Or to answer the Disney questions?

  3. Lol I'm sure I heard a few of those questions but of course I've had too many kids to remember!