Saturday, October 13, 2012

Another October Saturday

A beautiful day for driving.

We went to Andalusia. Stopped in Georgiana for yummy barbecue.

Stopped and got yet more green peanuts for boiling.

Spent some time at the nursing home, nicely decorated for the season.

Took fall flowers to Daddy's grave.

Met Alan at Dairy Queen for some refreshment and conversation.

Drove around in the cemetery behind the courthouse where Mike has relatives buried.  Such a beautiful setting, so peaceful. 

Back home to a happy and relieved Darby.

I received this on my phone while I was in the nursing home.  Only 17 weeks to go, I believe.


  1. She isnt big as a peanut! She looks fabulous!

  2. I told her she looked small to me. (still think it's a boy!) Ryan says not small!

  3. Men always gotta be negative! Sheesh! JK I'm sure he was just joking. She is tiny! :)