Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Sometimes it seems like I'm just running in place and never getting anything done, but this is a day that was pleasing.

I made a promise to write something on this blog every day in October, and I almost made it - just a few days beyond my control.  Today is the last day, and I won't try for that in November.  I will try to record the major happenings though.

First thing to be pleased about was getting the water leak diagnosed and repaired. This time the refrigerator repairman came and fixed the broken line. We hope his diagnosis was correct and that his repair was good. As of now, we have ice and water at our disposal, and no water is coming from anywhere. It cost less than the plumber, and together they were cheaper than getting a new refrigerator or, worse, a new floor and cabinets.

Then my sewing project from yesterday worked out.  I won't say it was easy, and finally I just held my breath and whacked off a corner, but in spite of these washed out pictures, it's exactly what I wanted.  I'll try to get Mike to take a good picture when I get the ruffle around it.  It's actually a pretty color of yellow, and the smocking is yellow, white and pale aqua.  It's better if you click the picture.  The smocking was the easy part! 

Next up was this stroller bag that I mentioned yesterday.

The instructions were great, and I had no trouble with the construction.    I think if I did it again, I would reinforce it with some stabilizer.  It is a little floppy, but I guess it's supposed to be that way.  And the flap seems too long now.  I think it will be fine when it's stuffed with whatever is going to be carried in it.

 I think the black and white lining goes fine with the yellow.  I don't have a stroller to hang it on, but the loops on either side snap over the handle.

There is a shoulder strap too for when you want to take it off the stroller and carry it.  I still have to find some snaps and figure out just where to put the them.

I love it when things come together easily.  Those rare times.

Candy is ready for trick-or-treaters.

 This is only for emergencies if we give out of the chocolate.  I haven't eaten enough to make my tongue burn yet, but I'm working on it.

With the help of the oldies but goodies radio station and a sudden sense of guilt burst of energy on Mike's part, the bathroom is getting painted.  I'm only allowed for for admiration.  It's paid off to have been a messy painter in the past.

I'm not sure how long I've lived with those blue tape lines and paint cans in the tub, but it's been several months/years.  It's funny how you just learn to live with something and not mind it after a while.

I was worried about the color being too dark, but I think it's just right, especially after the trim is brightened up.
 It sure beats this.

I got this text today and then it was on Facebook.  It's a little creepy but funny too.  Emily said she could have gotten one with a bow but might want to wear it again one day.  She'll (futurebaby) be cuter as a watermelon next year. 

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