Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Disappointed in Isaac

I'm sure the people along the coast will disagree with me, but Isaac has just let us down.  We were expecting rain, and so far it's not come.  I've been through one hurricane, and that's one too many for me, so I don't want to be in the middle of one, but I like living just far enough inland to reap the benefits of lots of drenching rains and just enough wind to make it a little exciting.  Not this time, though, at least so far.  We keep getting promises and seeing maps with big swaths of red and yellow through our area, so I'll keep looking for the signs.

This looks fairly promising at 2:45 p.m.

Between visits from daughters, I've done just a little bit of sewing and not much else.  I did plant a rosemary and some dahlias.  That's it for my gardening.

Great progress has been made on Elise's quilt.  I've sewn on the setting triangles and have started at each of 2 corners, sewing increasingly long rows together, and I'm so pleased with it.  I've just finished one row of 9 squares, and when I got to the end of that row, and all 23 points met perfectly, I had to go get a cup of congratulatory coffee.  There are probably 12 more rows to sew together, but I'm taking it slowly and trying to do a good job.  When those rows of 15 are sewn together is when I'll really be happy to have it all match up.

I hate seeing these pictures.  No matter how carefully I planned, I see I'm still getting "like" squares too close together.  Don't think it will matter in the long run.  The 3 that look black and white above are actually 6 different fabrics in greens or blues.

For a change of pace, I did cut out the pretty blue binding for future baby's bright quilt.  I guess a girl might get this one, but it seems more suited to a boy.  We'll ask her when the time comes if she likes it.  I cut, folded, pressed and put the binding on my cute little binder holder, so it's ready to go, but I would have had to change thread and change to a walking foot to work on it today, so it's going to wait a few days. 

It's a happy little quilt and cheater simple!

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  1. Hi, The quilts look great. Looking forward to
    seeing the finished projects,