Friday, March 30, 2012

Found Pictures

I emptied Mama's memory sticks, my camera, my phone and Mike's phone and have just a bunch of unrelated pictures, so I'll try to sort them out a little.

First the trip to Tennessee where Sherry kindly and patiently quilted my 2 little orange and brown quilts. She did a wonderful job despite the strange shape and lack of preparation. I had seen the quilting machine in action before, but it was fascinating to pick out the pattern and watch it do one of mine - or two. She lost me in the geometry and calculations required to figure out the hexagonal one, but it worked out like magic.

Here are some picutres of her sewing room and that wonderful machine.

David designed a camera to allow all the action going on below the quilt to appear on that little screen, so you can see if all is going well on the back side. Genius!

This is the control panel, I guess, where all the measurements and configurations are entered, and the right buttons are pushed.

Oh, and where the pattern is picked out. There are so many, but I think the ones we decided on are perfect.

You can see the concentric circles on this one.

They show up better on the back.

The bubble pattern in orange breaks up that expanse of white on the other one.

I briefly considered blue or green for the binding, but when I saw this orange, I knew it was the one.

Some more pictures of Sherry's sewing room and some of the quilts hanging on the walls.

I'm so envious of that big space to sew!

Check out her web site for some seriously pretty quilts and quilting.

We can't forget our constant companions for the weekend. Nicholas was our guardian this time. How beautiful is he?

And Bentley who knows he's a beauty.

I don't know if this is Finnegan with Bentley or not. I think it's Nicholas. Finnegan was going through a shy spell, but he was definitely there loving on us and checking us out. Here's an older picture of him if not.

I'm totally out of time and haven't even added the airplane/Calloway pictures or Mama's quilt or the Easter pictures. I'll have to wait until tomorrow. This rain coming down is just too tempting for me to have a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catching Up

Well, February and most of March have come and gone, and I'm just too lethargic or something to post any happenings.

I have pictures scattered around on 2 phones and 2 cameras, and I'm trying to organize them.

Tomorrow, for sure, I'll write something again.

Briefly, we took a trip to Ooltewah for Sherry to quilt my two little quilts, and they turned out great in spite of my mistakes.

I started another spring quilt, a pastel 9-patch, which my mother claimed, and I'm just finishing the binding on it.

We're getting oh so close to our BIG trip to Washington - close enough to start checking off things and trying out packing strategies.

We had visitors from Lubbock - Larry and Jo - who flew in on their cute little red and white plane.

Mike has half killed himself working in the yard and clearing the flower beds of 100s of pounds of lava rock. I helped - a little. I rearranged my sewing room/sunroom for the 20th time and think I have it now.

Pictures tomorrow.