Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Latest Folly

I don't need another hobby, and I sure don't need one that's going to zap all my self-esteem - not to mention my poor dog's. But I'm a glutton for punishment.

Every week, Darby gets fluffier and fluffier, and I started thinking about that twice-a-year grooming bill - $65 each time - and figured I might could learn to do that. Last week I started with scissors and trimmed a little each day, but considering she's like a small black sheep, I didn't see too much improvement. My niece was here last week and told me all about how she has clippers and trims her parents' dog. She worked at a vet's office, and told me it "wasn't that hard." Hmmm.

And it wasn't too hard at first, but I was nervous, and the closer I got to the skin, the patchier it looked. I could just stand to work on her about 10 minutes a day, and now she's started grabbing her puppy and running out the door when she sees me pick up the clippers. I have to trick her into coming to me, and then she will relax a little. She seems to be perkier though with her short haircut. I'll just try to hide her for awhile.

I saw this picture yesterday. It's not Darby, although it could be. It made me laugh because it's so similar. I truly had that much hair and maybe more.

(I think I'm supposed to give credit for pictures I borrow, but I can't remember where this one came from.)

The niece, Robin, who tricked me into thinking this would be easy came to pick up a serger that Mama was giving her and ate lunch with us. It was a nice visit. We don't see her often enough.

Passing down the talent and skipping a generation. I still haven't taken the time to figure out mine.

Robin's a good seamstress. She taught herself to sew and makes a lot of her clothes, including the dress above. I didn't get a good picture of it, but it has ruffles, beads, tucks, lace, all kind of complicated things. I know she'll put it to good use.

So here are my pitiful "before" pictures. These are the first projects Mike and I are working on when he gets here. Is this not sad? It's just been too hot to go outside and do anything.

And here's the biggie. The pretty berries are lost in all those limbs, and it's moving into the neighbors' yard. With the cool weather and not having to work so many hours, I think we'll enjoy it working on it.

I'll have "after" pictures maybe Monday.


  1. That pyrocanthea...pyricantea...that bush is coming down, down, down. And that vine growing as wild as the Amazon jungle? REALLY?

  2. Hey!! Good for you, bad luck for Darby, but you will save a lot of money with that trimmer... I´m thinking to do the same thing with Alejandro HAHAHA!!
    Send you an enormous hug, it is very nice to see you again!!

    Love you, G