Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tornadoes and Ants

Here is an interesting/awful web site (if it works) that shows aerial views of a couple of areas of Tuscaloosa before and after the tornado. You can pull the bar back and forth to see the before and after pictures.

It's just hard to comprehend something that awful and just 3 hours from us. I'm a weather watcher and love a good storm, and when I look at the Weather Channel map, the rain and storms seem to always miss us and concentrate in this very area. I will never be envious of them again. Naturally we had warnings all day, and I was keeping an eye on things and enjoying the brisk wind, but all the rain kept just missing us.

Mama was watching TV and saw the warnings about Tuscaloosa and called my brother's house in Birmingham. My sister-in-law was oblivious and about to take a shower, but she naturally freaked out with my nephew living in Tuscaloosa. She got in touch with everyone, and they were okay, but Mitch didn't mind admitting how scared he was. I've watched videos of the storm several times, and I can't imagine dealing with something like that.

For my promised pictures of the day. Not very clear, but you can double click and see a close-up.

I had noticed a few ants earlier this morning but couldn't find any insect spray, so I sprayed them with Windex and went to get ready for church. When I went back to the kitchen an hour or so later, they seemed to be partying on the Windex. I found a can of ant spray finally with just 1 or 2 good sprays left, but that seemed to finish them off.

These weren't the little bitty ones either; they were the big boys, and they came ready to cart off anything they found. They had found their way down to the cat bowls and covered the few kernels of food in their dishes and were moving along the baseboards looking for more. They even made a trail down into the garbage disposal. What a mess. Guess I'd better grab some spray tomorrow.

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