Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Morning Meaderings

Since I've decided not to spend a lot of time on flowers this year except for the geraniums on the front porch and some petunias by the back door, it was nice to see that my Texas vine has already started blooming. I think it's officially called a trumpet creeper. The bees and butterflies are enjoying it, and it sure softens up that old gray fence.

If last year is any indication, the blooms should be covering the fence by June. The blooms fall off and make a mess and the vine just kind of takes over, but it makes an easy-to-look-at corner that I didn't have to work to get.

I did notice this beautiful little guy just looking at me when I opened the back door. You have to click on the picture a couple of time to really see him. The cats and Darby wage war on all creatures in their territory, so I hardly ever get to see one. It's probably a matter of time until he gets eaten too if he hangs around.
I surprise myself at being able to get this close to him because of my phobia about creatures without legs, but I kind of like lizards. I don't want them surprising me though, and I might not hold one, but I can admire their coloring and - well cuteness.

Speaking of cuteness, I was looking for a picture of the plumeria in the above picture to see how much it has grown and found this. The plumeria is in the background. It was probably 8 years old then. It's now 15 years old.

Darby is the sweetie in the chair. It's hard to believe she was that tiny. She used the chair as her ramp for hauling her toys up and down. When she wasn't biting heads off the flowers. I'm glad she's out of that stage.

But she sure was cuddly. I'm now going to sneak into my sewing room and try to work on my quilt until I get interrupted or until my lack of focus takes me somewhere else. If I even make it there, I'll post a picture of what I did.

Unfortunately, this is all I got done between phone calls and a little guilty housework. It's better than nothing, I guess.

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