Monday, May 2, 2011

Maddy speaks

We need to talk.

Meow Mix is NOT the same as Fancy Feast. Not in the least. And if we don't eat it, you don't really save any money. Are we on the same page here? Fancy Feast. Seafood only.

It's always nice to have heart-to-heart conversations with your pets. I sometimes don't speak or listen to mine individually for days at a time.

But this one holds no grudges and thinks I'm just wonderful.

Stella/Molly? My mother tells her every day she's the most beautiful cat in the world and how wonderful she is, so she doesn't have much use for me, especially since she suspects I'm the one the water spray comes from when she scratches on the carpet. She's not sure, but it sure seems to come from my direction.

You can't trust that Stella. Maddy knows.

See? These cats have lived together for 5 or more years and get along so-so, but they delight in sneaking up on the other one and attacking.

Getting back to blogging made me to decide to look around and see what things I'm taking for granted. I may not get much done today (I still haven't had breakfast after being up an hour), but it was worth it to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful May morning.

This is Darby's doghouse lantana. It's blocking her door, but I can't seem to get rid of it. Barbie bouquets, as Elise and Emily call them.

These gardenias smell so good I just had to bring a few inside.

Along with some mint leaves.

I planted this Easter lily we got as a gift last week next to the rosemary that I had to rescue from the basil and mint. This is the kind of gardening I like - easy to dig hole, fragrant "weeds,"and instant results.

One old friend left wandering around from yesterday. He got Windexed. I really have to get some ant spray - although Windex seems to work just fine.

My new vow to sew every day is going to be challenged today, but I did press my latest fabrics to cut out for Elise's quilt. I had the squares laid out on the bed last week for her to pick and choose, and she didn't reject one of them. Either we have the same taste, or she's just tired of talking about it and wants me to get it sewed!

I love this stripe. Instant bias.

Elise is such a traditionalist, I didn't think she would like some of the more modern prints, but she surprised me.

Her rules: No pink. No paisley. No stars. I did sneak a little pink in there but not too obvious.

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