Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Hopeless

I think I've already mentioned my problem with starting too many projects at one time. There are folks out there in blogland who are dangerous to my vow to not start another one. I probably need to not look at any more. I just can't help it though.

I have categories under my Favorites with Blogs, Quilting; Blogs, Sewing; Blogs, Smocking; Blogs, Knitting and Crochet and on and on. Some of them are so full that I started a new category this week: New Fun Blogs to Read.

It was Rachel at Stitched in Color who first introduced me to Bottled Rainbows. It's very different but intriguing. It used the same concept of quilting as you go that I love, and it uses scraps, which I also love.

Here are a couple of examples. So pretty. The orange one. And the plum one. Scroll down to see others.

Here's a finished one by Crystal at Sonnet of the Moon.

I'm not starting this - NOW. But it's nice to know how to do it, and I will add it to my list of want-to's.

Speaking of which, let's take a look at what I have that I want/need to finish/start.

No wonder Mike's worried about moving home.

Elise's quilt, of course. It's getting done gradually.

Emily's quilt that she's waited for for 3 years. It's next.

Christmas pillowcases and fabric I couldn't resist last December.

A Christmas panel Barbara gave me at the same time.

A block-of-the month right after I moved to Montgomery. The quilt looked gorgeous hanging on the wall, and the blocks were fun to too. And I have all the fabrics to do log cabin blocks to finish it - but. I'm not quite as crazy about it as I once was.
The next block-of-the-month at Kudzu Blossom. I like this one better and intend to finish it. Lots of pretty Civil War fabrics.

I want to make myself a Latte Log Cabin like I made for a gift 2 years ago.

I loved working with the Michael Miller neutrals and got enough fabric to made one but this time not under pressure to finish at a certain time. I still can't believe I pulled that off in 2 months.

This one is a "what was I thinking" project. Sherry and I went to a quilting symposium for a weekend and took several classes. One was this wedding ring quilt taught by Judy Neimeyer.

It was a fun class, and she did a great job, but once I was home and didn't have Sherry to laugh with me and spur me on, it kind of just fizzled. I'm worried now that I won't remember exactly how to do it since it's a little tricky. It was my first paper piecing project, and I loved it.

And not to forget things besides quilting, I have this blanket that I finished 10 years ago and still have to weave in the last thread and clip. How hard could that be?
A smocking disaster when I decided to get back to smocking after a long vacation. I refuse to toss it, but this neck binding needs to behave. I'll try cutting a new one and see what happens.

These 3 need buttons or snaps or buttonholes.

I need to be locked in my house for a year with no access to fabric shops and no computer, just a supply of thread and needles, and see if I can plow my way through these things. I can think of worse punishments.


  1. Lord, have mercy. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.
    Mike Windham

  2. OH. I forgot to block you from the blog today. Sorry. You still have a closet.